Friday, September 05, 2008

School Daze

Yeah, so school started today. I have a worse attitude than either of my children. Okay, maybe I'm not worse than Man-Cub, who was literally sick to his stomach at the thought of going back today, but I'm pretty close.

Redheaded Snippet is glad to be back, as any overachiever would be. She's a kid who likes school. And school likes her right back. She thrives on challenge and competition and socializing. She gets good grades, does well in sports and music and is well-liked by most people. Why wouldn't she want to go back?

Man-Cub...well, that's another story, one too long and, frankly, too depressing to go into here. Let's just say we've had some issues with him this summer that may be leading to a diagnosis of OCD in the near future (we're still sorting through things with the pediatrician). This morning was one of the worst ever. He didn't have an all-out freak-out, but I really thought he was going to throw up in the truck.

Alrighty, I'm pretty tired. My back hurts, my eyes hurt, my hands are dried out from washing dishes and I'm supposed to write up the menu and grocery list I was supposed to do today. And I have another post I'm ready to put the finishing touches on. I'd better be off.

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