Monday, September 29, 2008

Spinning My Wheels

I'm frustrated and nothing makes me crankier.

It's Monday, bed stripping and redressing day, and I can't hang the linens out on the line to soak up all the fresh, sweet, sunshiny goodness. Because there isn't any. It's appalling outside. Grey, humid and threatening to rain-again. I knew it. I knew we'd have weather like this come Fall. Summer was so unseasonably dry, cool and enjoyable that I knew we'd pay for it somehow. Now, Lobelia has assured me that Lenny's Farmer's Almanac, which isn't exactly his, he's just the only person I know who has one, though now that I've discovered what just might become my new favorite website to obsess over, I might not need him anymore, anyway, it is calling for a hard, cold Winter with lots of snow and I am hoping it is dead right, but I don't think even a good, blustery Winter can make up for a disgusting, humid and tepid Fall. Okay, maybe it can. I do love snow. But still, I want my Fall weather and I want it now!

I had my menu and grocery list all ready and just enough time to get to the store before school lets out and I couldn't find my debit card. I think it might actually be in Chicago, of all places. You may be asking, "Why not just shop the old fashioned way and stop at the bank for cash first?" Well, I was so irritated and perplexed by the missing plastic that I didn't think of that until it was too late. Now I'll have to either take Man-Cub with me which he loathes or wait until Redheaded Snippet is home from hockey practice and leave the children home alone while I battle the hordes of people tearing around the store after work, desperate for something, anything to make for dinner tonight. I hate shopping after 4:00. And at 1:00 cause that's when all the retirement homes shuttle their residents to the stores. The aisles get very clogged by slow-moving, easily startled people. This is why I shop at 2:00 or before noon.

I have STILL not completed those bloody crow trees! I have not sunk into despair, just flounced into bratty frustration. Here's my issue: the urns I painted are on the larger side which is good. But I only have a little florist foam which is bad. I need to fill the urns with something else...wait, I just remembered I've already complained about this! Well, the point is I can't think of just the right thing to use as filler. My plan was to use dirt. But The Viking is one very busy man and I feel bad nagging him to fill a wheelbarrow full of dirt just so I can mount some crows on our porch. I wish I could just come up with something I could do myself and not bug him. Maybe I could borrow some gravel from around the pool? Maybe look for a few bricks in the shed? Maybe I'll set Man-Cub to that task when he gets home. After he stops whining about his day.

That's another frustrating thing: Man-Cub's behavior lately. I just don't know what his problem is. Is he just being a brat and a cry-baby? It's entirely possible and if so, I want to fix it! I don't want to have a bratty cry-baby for a kid. Is it allergies, something in the environment that's making him be so Jekyll and Hyde? Is it something worse like OCD or a personality disorder? I just don't know and I don't know how to help/fix him. He's driving us a little nuts. I've always said he has that difficult temperament that runs in my family. I have it, my dad has it, Lord help us EGOD has it. I've always maintained that Man-Cub will be okay because he (like me and unlike my dad and EGOD) has an attentive, devoted father. But the way he's been lately, nothing seems to please him. He is unpleasable. We've tried being extra kind, a little harsh, reasonable, uncompromising, everything we can think of. He is determined to be miserable it seems. Is this normal for a seven-year-old boy? I'm not used to boys, so I don't know what they're usually like at this age. Will he really drive me out of my tree for the next 10 years? Or do we need to get some help? I JUST DON'T KNOW anymore.

In much less important news, we have to wait until Wednesday or later to find out if Redheaded Snippet made it into the hockey program. I've become a wee bit over-interested in my email today, checking and double checking to make sure we haven't gotten the notice yet. It's kind of pathetic. But it makes me feel like I'm doing something instead of sitting here feeling frustrated.

See? I'm frustrated. I'm still doing okay, just frustrated. I know all this stuff is temporary, even Man-Cub's issues (cause even if he is like this forever, at some point he will cease to be my responsibility), but it still makes me cranky. I think I need to make a pan of bread pudding and all will be better. How very Amelia Bedelia of me, no?

Well, 'tis time to haul the linens out of the dryer and go see what drama Man-Cub has in store for this afternoon.

BTW, we copped-out and got Chinese last night, but tonight is marinated pork loin, butternut squash with brown butter (thanks for the idea Dharma!) and, our stand-by, peas. Gotta run!

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