Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: Overdue Edition

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I'm crawling out of my cave after a long, long hibernation to blink in the sunshine, scratch my belly and join up with Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real once more.

I'm using the Blogger app on my phone and it's been 18 months since I last posted anything so I fear I may be a wee bit rusty.  But here goes:


It was chilly enough this week to wear my new pretty red beret whist sitting 'round the fire in the backyard with The Vicar.  I bought it on a whim a few weeks ago at a vintage shop in Richmond and thought I'd have to wait until next Autumn for its debut.  Huzzah for an unseasonably cool Spring!


Crawling out of the cave has also made it possible for me to don my apron, dust off the Le Creuset, and cook for my family again.  Who blinks back happy, grateful tears whilst deglazing a pan?  This girl, that's who!


That old familiar mess.  But, you know, I don't even mind!  Funny, the things you develop an appreciation and gratitude for once you become unable to do them.

A little bit of all four

This is a shelf in the bathroom.  The other day when I was brushing my teeth, I was looking it over and thinking how much I like it.  I find it rather pretty in a boring, housewifely sort of way.  I have a Pinterest board that bears witness to my long-held desire to store bathroom supplies in jars.  And so that is what I have done.  In addition to being pretty, it's actually very practical!  Especially the small jar of matches--the result of another Pinterest find!  I cut a piece of the striker side of the box of matches to fit in the lid of the jar and whittled a hole big enough for a match to shake through and voila!  A handy-dandy match safe for all your unmentionable bathroom matches needs!

There we go!  A phfr post after an 18-month-long convalescence.  Here's hoping I get back in the swing of things (and the Blogger app doesn't drive me barking)...