Friday, September 05, 2008

Windows To Nowhere

Check it out:

The Viking trash-picked these just for me last week. He was picking up Redheaded Snippet from a friend's house, saw a pile of garbage at the street and thought of me. Wait...No, how sweet, right?

I love that he knew I would want them and stopped to get them. I love that he went up to the door to ask the homeowner if indeed they were being discarded (I would never have the guts to do that--I like to be more, um, stealthy, in my trash-picking). I love that he swiped them right as someone else was approaching them with a gleam in her eye. And I love that when they got home Redheaded Snippet came bounding into the house, all aflutter, knowing they were going to make my day. They know me too well.

I, of course, had a good squee over them. They're big, old, all chipped up and they're red. Perfect for the kitchen. The Viking didn't even know they were red until he got them home; the white sides were facing the street. Serendipity, no? I knew where to put the mullioned one immediately. I've had a bare wall in the kitchen ever since it was finished that just screamed for something like this. See?

Much better, no? Yikes, that's blurry...hang on a mo...

Here we go, much better:

I dragged that old table in from the porch just a few days before the window came to us and was living with it for a bit to see if I liked it. I've been trying different things on top of it and have changed it since this pic, but the window has brought it all together.

It's a window to nowhere. I like windows to nowhere. I like doors to nowhere, too. Which is why we left the old living room closet door in the wall even though we tore out the closet behind it 3 years ago. Sometimes people ask where that door goes and I say, breezily, "Nowhere," as if it's the sanest thing to do. We have the old bathroom window frame and sill still up even though that window's been sealed for 5 years, but even I agree it's time to fill that in. I had great visions of making something unique and charming out of it, but that never materialized so it's just looked unfinished all this time.

As for the other window, I wish it, too, was mullioned, but far be it from me to look a gift horse in the mouth so I'm just going to be delighted with it and put it in the dining room here:

Now, if I were super crafty or something I would find some brilliant thing to do with it like make a message center, shadow box or portal to another dimension but until I see something I can copy in a magazine, I'm leaving it just as it is. Of course, if anyone has instructions for how to make a portal into another dimension, I would love those.

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