Sunday, September 07, 2008

June Cleaver Look Out!

So, in case anyone is interested, I have totally rocked my job. I've been a brilliant housewife lately (I know, it's shocking!), but today I surpassed anything I've ever done. I owe it all to the thyroid meds, of course, and I hope I never, never, never, like ever have to stop taking them!

We had dear friends over for dinner tonight. We decided to feast together before they jet off to Scotland next week, making us unbearably jealous, the cheeky bar stewards. They brought a bottle of wine and a salad and we had one of my favorite meals: roast pork loin, potatoes gratin and roast asparagus. I must confess, those photos are not of the actual food that I prepared with my own two hands. I'm still having unresolved camera issues and loading pics into the computer is way too much of an ordeal for the wee hours of a Sunday morning (especially when I've got to leave for church in, oh, 7 hours)! But trust me, the meal looked exactly like those pics up there!

This afternoon, my house was tidy and there was minimal prep to do for dinner so I decided to have a baking day. I honestly don't know what came over me. I have never done that willingly before. And I've never enjoyed baking so much before! These drugs are amazing, I tell you!

By the time our guests arrived, the kitchen was tidy again, the roast and potatoes were almost done, I was showered with my makeup and hair arranged to satisfaction, and two pumpkin bread loaves, a bread pudding and, my favorite dessert of all time, a sticky toffee pudding were cooling on the kitchen island! I had time to chat and socialize while I took everything out of the oven and finished the asparagus. I sat down to dinner calm and looking forward to a delightful evening. Everything was delicious and I just could not believe myself! I hardly broke a sweat and every other time I have hosted the smallest dinner party I have ushered my guests into my chaotic kitchen exhausted, drenched in sweat, with hair unbrushed, no makeup on, with 45 minutes left until dinner is ready, vowing I will never, never have anyone over for dinner ever again. What a difference a little thyroid hormone makes!

What a wonderful night! A favorite meal shared with some favorite people, the kind with whom you can talk about politics, religion, parenting, tv, movies, music, literature and much more. The kind you can share your fears and worries with. The kind who share your Anglomania. The kind you know will laugh at the same dorky silliness you laugh at. The kind who genuinely like your children, though they have none of their own, and never tire of playing The Fart Noise game with them or teasing them about the boys they're IMing. The kind you can fall asleep on the couch with while watching The Office or ABBA in concert.

So now I sit, blogging guilt-free, in my still-tidy kitchen looking into my tidy dining room, knowing the living room and bathrooms are still tidy (save for the basket or two of laundry waiting for my attention tomorrow) and I feel so at ease. And so proud of myself. And thankful. I will sleep well tonight.

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