Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Funning Myself to Death

You know what? I'm still tired! I'm choosing to blame Daria because it's fun and she doesn't read my blog anyway (and poo on her for that) so she won't know anyway! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

It's not really her fault. If I wanted to, I could tell her, "No, I do NOT want to have fun with you right now. I have had quite enough of laughing and talking and laughing some more, thank you! Take your Typhoo tea and your scones ingredients and your Harry Potter video game for the Wii and go away for a while!"

I AM NEVER GOING TO SAY THAT! Does that make me an irresponsible person?

Our Funapalooza continues. For those who aren't caught up, we're trying to cram as much fun as possible into 10 short days. And I have a household to run. And 3 field hockey games this week. And I had to make bacon, eggs and sausage for the hockey team yesterday morning. And today I'm supposed to bring oranges for them. And Redheaded Snippet has Futures tryouts on Sunday. And there's the usual Wednesday madness to contend with. And Man-Cub has been more ornery than usual. And I want to get all my Harvest stuff out. Daria was kind enough to artistically arrange the crows from Michael's all over my kitchen and dining room in deliciously sinister ways--they're staring at me right now as though they're anticipating eating my eyeballs--but other than that, it still looks like Summer in here. Oh ick!

Redheaded Snippet's team won their third field hockey game yesterday. It was actually a very boring game. The teams were not well-matched and we won 9 or 10 (I lost track) to 0. You would think that would be fun, winning by a landslide, but I don't enjoy it very much. I want to see action! I want to hear the clash of sticks, the thud of a hard-hit ball hitting inside the goal! I want to see my baby run all over like there's a bee up her skirt (sorry, I mean kilt)! Instead, Daria and I got bored (which is NEVER a good thing) and began the most asinine debate spurred by her sunglare-induced rage. We were sitting facing the sun which had the nerve to blaze out in gorgeous flame yesterday afternoon. It was not hot, oh no. The temperature was perfect. There wasn't a cloud in the storybook-blue sky. But we couldn't look at the field without shading both eyes with our hands and squinting, despite the sunglasses. And Daria, apparently, had had enough of it and began wild talk of starting an Anti-Sun Society. The A.S.S. She would be it's Grand Master. Fitting, truly.

So, we sipped the tea and sausage rolls I had packed and surely drove the poor woman who had the misfortune to set her blanket on the ground next to us halfway out of her mind with our verbal diarrhea. We are very good at that. We've decided it's because we both love vocabulary, we're both raging dorks, and we are very skilled at riding that line between pithy profundity and vapid nonsense. The Viking doesn't usually play along with me like Daria does. We get about 3 steps in before he goes, "Whatever" and starts planning next year's vegetable garden in his head. Daria will go all the way to complete and utter absurdity at a moment's notice with no hesitation at all.

Sigh. I made the most Badass Shepherd's Pie last night, did I tell you that? Oh, man, it was to die for! Oooh! I think there's some in the fridge! When is lunch? Oh, an hour and a half...can't wait for lunch! It took me almost two hours to make it as I had to repair the damage I had previously done to the kitchen while cooking bacon, sausage and eggs for 22 junior high girls while I was trying to make dinner. But it was worth the wait. Actually, it was Cottage Pie. I did not use lamb. But one of these days I will, and I bet it will be swoony!

I don't really know what's for dinner tonight and that is not a good thing. I know I had planned something, I just can't remember what. Maybe it was the London Broil with Potatoes Gratin. But then, what's for dinner tomorrow night? Maybe we'll have to eat on the run. There's another game this afternoon and I may not have time to cook anything anyway.

So, I'm supposed to be catching up on stuff. Showering. Laundry. Ironing. Sweeping. Dishes. Maybe even sleep. I am sleepy and tired of my house being a near mess. It's not a full-blown mess, but it's just a few steps away. I keep saying I'll catch up tomorrow, but then that day gets so filled with stuff I don't have the time and push it off again. Maybe tomorrow. There's no game and nothing going on in the evening. It might be a good day for it then.

We'll see...

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