Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dreaming (and Slouching) at the Computer

Okay, do you know, I think blogging is ruining my posture, not to mention killing my back? I know, I know, why don't I just SIT UP STRAIGHT at the computer? Well, for whatever reason, I don't. Many, many times, I feel that aching between my shoulder blades and I sit up straight and prop something behind my back to keep proper posture, but before I know it, I feel that ache again and realize that at some point during the last 30 minutes I've slumped forward with my chin in my hand again. Aye me.

Anyway, I was at this dang (and dirty--boy, it needs a thorough going over!) computer for hours yesterday, trying to fancy up this blog. I got a lot done yesterday morning (made the beds, cleaned my room, not just tidied it but cleanedit, cleaned the bathroom, washed two loads of laundry and hung them out to dry, tidied the kitchen, dusted the upstairs) so I rewarded myself with a large chunk of computer time in the afternoon. I made the mistake of digging around other people's blogs, checking out the features they use, the blogrolls they belong to, looking for tools I could use. This was a mistake because it made me feel completely and totally inadequate. I came back to my humble little blog all disgruntled. It's so BORING! And PLAIN! And I have nothing to talk about! So WHY am I doing this?

Then I remembered this is the equivalent of buying new clothes for school and then going over to my cousin's house and seeing all her new school clothes when I was in junior high. It didn't matter how much I loved my clothes, the minute I saw hers, mine suddenly seemed like crap. It's all perspective! If my blog satisfied me before, then there's no reason it shouldn't still satisfy me, no matter how many flashy, cute, busy or well-run blogs I see. I'm just going to keep telling myself that...

Thing is, I want to blog about a new project every day, or a new trinket I bought at the store yesterday, but with our budget as tight as it is, projects and shopping expeditions (even teensy ones) are hard to come by these days. The Viking is working his booty off to cover things we know are coming up (we both need to order contacts, Nutmeg needs to go to the vet, I'm not sure if my visits to the endocrinologist were covered by our insurance, etc) and there is very little, if any, left over. Plus, my favorite uncle is in bad health so we may have to make the trip to NH should things take a tragic turn, and my sister is on bed rest in Chicago and I'm feeling a deep need to fly out there to be with her and relieve my mother who is currently there.

There's nothing more frustrating to a Do-It-Yourselfer than having plenty of ideas and no cash.

That being said, a girl can dream, can't she? I told The Viking I have a few projects to brainstorm about with him this weekend. You should have seen the light in his eyes. He looooooves projects and has always longed for a wife who will share his mania. Now, thanks to my wonky thyroid, his wish has been granted.

Here's what I've got incubating:

I saw this idea at a new blog I've discovered, 19 Butternut. I am so doing this this year!

You take a pair of these:

Evil 'em up with a bit o' this:

Implant them with some o' this:

Cover it up with this:

Insert a bunch of these:

And sprinkle judiciously with these:

And you should have something that closely resembles THIS:

Isn't that great? Again, that isn't mine, but I hope mine looks just like it when I'm done!

That's project #1. For project #2 you're going to have to use your imagination because I can't find an image of what I want to do. We have a mess of fence pickets in our basement, leftover from when we put our fence in. Several years ago, The Viking made me a rustic American flag out of some of them (13 of them, to be exact). We hang it on our porch every year from Memorial Day to Labor Day. A few years ago I decided I want one for Autumn/Halloween. And this year, I've decided, is the year I'm going to make it. Trouble is, I only have a vague idea of what I want it to look like. I want a corn stalk, some pumpkins, maybe a basket of apples, at least one crow, maybe a sheaf of wheat, you get the idea. But I am no artist and cannot just make this out of thin air. I need an image to follow. I've been looking online for days now with no luck. So, until I find a photo I can share, you'll just have to imagine it like I've been. That, is project #2.

I have great plans to raid A.C. Moore, Michael's, Home Goods, Marshalls and the Dollar Store tomorrow to see what I can find. Maybe I'll even trek out to Goodwill. I also need to get some storage bins for Man-Cub's ever growing pile o' crap. He's been hording and gathering lately and his stuff has just been accumulating in a corner of the living room. It looks like squatters have taken up residence. Have I mentioned I think he may have OCD? Well, that's for another post, perhaps. I may not tackle that one. I'm still not sure how I feel about the whole thing. For now, I'm going to get bins so his treasures can at least be organized.

I suppose I've languished in front of the computer long enough for one morning. I need to heat up some lunch (leftover homemade chicken noodle soup made completely from scratch--yum-MY) and those beds, floors and laundry aren't going to make, sweep, wash and hang themselves out to dry!

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