Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Every Corner is a Goal! Score! Score!

Field hockey game this afternoon! WHOOOOOOOOOOO! I am so totally stoked! Friday's game was rained out so this is the official first game of Redheaded Snippet's last season on this team (next year: the high school team)! It makes me a bit sad that this is our last year because it has gone by us just so fast, but I'm sure the next few years will be even more exciting.

I have to be off in just a few minutes (have to gather drinks and snacks and chairs and jackets just in case--it's a bit chilly today THANK GOD) but I did want to report that I was able to get through the day and night yesterday without committing any sort of punishable crime. I sulked and sighed in the recliner the rest of the night while The Viking accomodatingly made dinner and cleaned up afterwards (homemade cheese steaks--yum). Then I hauled ass to bed and made the most of my beauty sleep. Which didn't really help because every time my face realizes the rest of my body is in PMS panic mode it has to get in on the action and act out in all sorts of unattractive ways. Which is why I need to stop and go plaster some fake beauty all over my face. I don't want to distract our girls while they're trying to win their very first game of the season, now, do I?

That is all except I have NOT completed my chores for the day (making the beds, tidying the kitchen, cleaning the bathrooms, empyting the trash, doing the laundry) but I HAVE completed preparations for dinner. A-HA! So THERE! A cheap but tasty pot roast is simmering nicely nestled in a pot full of veg in the Thermowell. In fact, the timer just dinged so I get to turn the gas off and let everything cook on all that lovely retained heat for the next 3 hours or so. When we come home from the game, all will be miraculously ready and delicious! I know I've said it before, but that's the beauty of vintage technology for you!

Off to yell and clap myself silly on the sidelines!

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