Sunday, September 28, 2008

Deflating a Little

*No photos today. I'm tired.*

So Daria has flown away. Her 10 days with us has ended and she is heading back to Chicago. I am trying hard not to be sad and I am glad she is going back to help Dharma and jealous she will once again be living with Baby Bee, but I will miss her terribly. I don't know when I will see her, or Dharma, Vance and Baby Bee, for that matter, again and that is almost the worst part. It always helps to know when the next visit will be so we can look forward to it, but when it seems indefinite like this, it SUCKS EVEN WORSE!

Still, it will be very good for me and my household to get back to normal, even if normal is less fun and interesting. I got too tired out last week from staying up late in an effort to squeeze out as much quality time with Daria as I could. And my housework suffered for it. I'm behind on laundry (I'm not even sure where it is), menu planning, grocery shopping, tweezing, manicuring and facialing. Is that even a word? I don't think so, but I needed a verb form of facial. I try to give myself one each Saturday but I haven't done it in close to 3 weeks now. Hmmm, I could be doing it while I'm typing, huh? I mean, not literally applying and rinsing it while typing. That would be messy. But I could have run upstairs, smeared it on, typed away while it dried and then run back up to rinse it off. Another opportunity missed. I think I'll just stay comfy under the throw blanket on the couch instead. Tonight I'll have to complete my beauty routine between loads of laundry and episodes of my favorite Britcoms on PBS. Or are those on Saturday nights? I always get that mixed up.

Today was Redheaded Snippet's field hockey tryouts. As far as I could tell, she did well. She felt pretty confident coming out of it that she did well enough to qualify. The weather was awful, pouring rain for the entire first hour and grey skies and damp, icky humidity the entire time. We all were uncomfortably moist. And, after 3 solid hours of sitting in the bleachers, my bottom was so sore!!! She should find out this week if she made it in and then we wait for the registration papers to arrive in November.

I am supposed to be getting my Fall decorations out and about today, but I'm not finding this weather very inspiring. I have a very hard time being Harvesty without crisp, cool weather. It's too humid and too...glargh...outside. But I know the next time I'm going to have the time to do it, it will be October already and I'll be kicking myself that I didn't get it done sooner. Also? Crow Trees MUST be finished today or I will fall into the depths of despair and run the risk of never finishing them ever! The Viking is supposed to help me with it so I am not left to my own terrible completion devices. He has to haul a wheelbarrow of dirt/gravel/filler so I can fill the urns for ballast and as a base for the florist foam. I couldn't afford to buy enough foam to fill both urns completely so I'm just doing a foam crust over a nougatty dirt center. That made no sense. But, for some reason, Daria and I kept using the term, "nougatty center" whenever possible while she was here and I've decided to continue the tradition. Only now I'm remembering I miss her again. And want a Snickers bar.

Oh yes, dinner this evening. What culinary delight am I preparing tonight? No idea. Well, that's not entirely true as I'm pretty sure it will involve a pork product of some kind. I've gone a little pork happy lately (and is it just me, or does that sound even the slightest bit dirty? probably just me) because of the excellent variety and quality of products available at my favorite Amish market. This week alone I brought home bacon, sausage, smoked pork chops and a large marinated pork loin. I've started calling my kitchen Pippa's Pork Palace. But beef and chicken are expensive and don't forget: Pork is the other white meat! So I'll probably plop the pork loin in the oven and heat up leftover potatoes gratin or make some mashed potatoes tonight. I think we have peas in the freezer. And I know there's a head of lettuce so that takes care of our green veg. Oh good, that's settled.

I really must be off. Must prepare for another busy week. We only have two hockey games scheduled this week, but with two games needing to be rescheduled already due to rain, I'm anticipating a last-minute third game by Friday. I'd better go batten down the hatches.

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