Friday, September 19, 2008

Real Quick

Just a quickie here as I have scads of errands to run!

I've got a bad case of Fall Fever. I get it every year. There is no treatment and the only cure is Thanksgiving. So, I figure I've got about 9-10 weeks to get through before relief is in sight. I am buying pumpkin cookies today if I have to sell a few inches of my hair for it! I am putting my fall decorations out if I have to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn to find the time! I MAY even go for a gleeful frolic in the woods across the street to forage for inspiration from Nature's bounty.

I am also going to be yelling and clapping at another hockey game this afternoon (go Snippet!) and preparing a birthday feast suitable for a Viking. Okay, maybe not a real, historical Viking, I doubt I would allow one of those near my house or children, but for my real-live Viking, it will be a suitable, manly feast.

Remember my dilemma? What to prepare for my man to show him I love him best of all? I was really leaning toward the fancy lamb and veg dinner, but Redheaded Snippet suggested I go with the less formal choice and I think she is probably right. So, I am picking up racks and racks of The Viking's favorite ribs (I keep envisioning a rack of ribs as large as Fred Flinstone's, you know when the car flips over?), vats and vats of beer (Redheaded Snippet's exacts words), troupes of shrimp (did you know they travel in troupes? I googled it), jalapeno poppers and anything else I see that I know he loves and doesn't usually get to have. We're also renting a few guy movies for him and Man-Cub to watch together. Batman Begins was a special request. And if I see a good video game for rent, I'll pick that up, too. There has also been a request for Cheetos, Pringles and Combos with pretzels and cheese. We shall see. I think it shall be a fun night, don't you? I'd better not forget the Tums. Lots and lots of Tums.

In other news, we've decided to try to get Redheaded Snippet into the US Field Hockey Futures program. After much discussion we've decided to treat the time and money required as an investment for college. She seems to have talent and potential and God has placed us in the school district that is home to the best high school hockey team and coach in the state and the third best in the nation. It would seem foolish not to. Try-outs are next Sunday and I'm really excited for her! I'm pretty sure she'll get in, but you never know!

Right, I'm off to fill my shopping bags and drain my wallet!

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