Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Getting Some Traction

Okay, gotta get a few things out of the way.

First, I do not get the whole tags/categories thing. Does that bother anyone? Cause I really don't get it nor do I know how to undo my ignorance. I think I've just given up. Everything will be declared worthless drivel from now on. There.

Second, the weather has turned, thanks be to God. The sun has returned (sorry Daria), the humidity has gone (though I do not for a minute believe that it is for good--this is New Jersey, after all), and it is seasonably cool and sunny outside. Perfect weather for a field hockey game! Well, would you look at that, we have one this afternoon! I'm just a pumpkin latte away from the perfect afternoon, folks! This should be a good game; this team usually puts up quite a fight and we can never be sure to beat them.

Third, I have found my debit card and procured the necessary food items for the week. Thankfully, the card was not in Chicago as I had feared, but in Redheaded Snippet's jacket pocket on the floor of the bear pit in which she sleeps. Which may actually be scarier than being in Chicago.

Fourth, Stacy over at 19 Butternut (my latest victim go say hi) gave me a most helpful tip pertaining to my doomed crow trees. Big styrofoam bells inverted in the urns. Brilliant! I may have to trek to the decent Walmart (not the closer but icky one) and look into this. I am eternally grateful.

Fifth, Man-Cub...well, he said his teacher almost sent a note home yesterday because he wouldn't stop messing around in class. Sigh. I fear he is being just as much of a problem for her as he is for us. I think I'm going to have to contact his poor teacher. I've started praying for self-control and patience for the unfortunate woman because I'm sure she needs it. Another kind soul (you can visit her here) has suggested he might improve after Daylight Savings Time for which I am certainly going to hold out hope. I'm starting to wonder if he's bored out of his gourd. He's a smart kid who needs to be active and I don't think school is doing it for him. Yesterday I actually thought up a physical task for him to do and he spent a good amount of time happily finding and hauling bricks from the shed. I was going to use them for something, but decided to have him do the work even after I'd changed my mind. It did seem to help, though only for a while. I think I need to start looking for a punching bag and a weight set for him. Hello, ebay and craigslist!

As compensation for not being able to line dry my linens yesterday, I have thrown open every window that can be thrown. I have to truss and dress a chicken and set it to roasting with the gas turned off while I'm gone and then I'm going to down that latte and lie on the grass at the game with my tanning goggles on, just overdosing on Vitamin D. Should be fun.

Last thing: Dinner last night was delightful, the butternut squash was a big hit and, in fact, I'm about to have the leftovers for lunch! Yay lunch! Tonight is roast chicken with mashed potatoes and broccoli or asparagus I haven't decided yet. I'm planning three meals with this chicken this week; I am so amazing every once in a while!

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