Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ugh Wednesday

Well, this stinks.

Woke up yesterday with a sore throat. Probably made it worse yelling at the hockey game. We lost 3-0 but what a good game with such a worthy opponent! It's almost an honor to lose to teams like that. Kudos to the players, coaching staff and parents for their class and grace in addition to their obvious skill. I'm thinking of writing a letter to the principal or something. We play a few other teams who are also very skilled, but the players and parents are terribly vicious and snobby! They play dirty, they heckle the players and parents from the opposing teams, and they strut around like they are God's gifts to hockey! It's just a game, people! At the junior high level! It ain't the Olympics yet! But the team we played yesterday? If we can't win it all, I hope they do.

Woke up today with sore throat even worse (throbbing, stinging, hurts terribly to swallow anything), head pounding and aching and the very beginnings of nasal congestion and sneezing. That's what I get for hanging around friends who are sick! Mrs. Nugent game me her head cold, I fear! I feel borderline icky and now I have to dismantle a chicken carcass for a Chicken Pot Pie that has to be in the oven by 3:00. And, of course, it's Wednesday, Week's Worst.

So here's what I propose. I am supposed to dust on Wednesdays (I go easy on myself since the afternoon and evening hours are so deplorable) but I don't have to now that it's October. Every year at this time I purposely stop dusting so by Halloween I have that nice, old, creepy, dusty Haunted House look all over the house. All the other months I just procrastinate or forget, but in October, it's on purpose. Brilliant, yeah?

So, with no need for weekly chores, instead I am going to crawl upstairs, put my hair up (it, at least, is looking reasonably smashing today, no need to mess with it), and take a bubble bath complete with candles. I'm going to pumice my feet, shave my legs and take care of that looooong overdue facial. Then I will attend to the chicken and assemble the pie. After that I will give my nails a good cleaning and follow up with a mini manicure and take a weed-whacker to my eyebrows! That should take care of the entire day, right Dharma? Too much? Think I should forget the chicken and hit Wendy's on the way to church again? Notice that I don't consider crossing any of my pampering off my list? Nah, I can't afford Wendy's. Not when I can get three meals out of a free chicken.

So, it's off to the bath for me. I have things to scrub and buff and soak.

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