Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Getting Settled

Please take me back!

Can I still have my old room? I've brought all the essentials with me. I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to copy all the posts written on what turned out to be my temporary new blog and teleport them here. I'm really not sure there's anything earth-shattering enough to warrant that. But I might be anal-retentive enough to do it anyway. We shall see.

So, we're back to school after the loveliest of 4-day breaks. Man-Cub handled himself rather well, considering. In fact, he has been much, much better lately! I think it's because a very wise, very kind and very sassy older woman in my Bible study suggested he might be strong-willed. First, I love that sassy older woman. I want her to be my surrogate grandmother. Only she's not old enough. Maybe an auntie then. Second, I have always known Redheaded Snippet to be strong-willed (what she put us through in her toddler years still makes me shudder to think of it), but the fact that Man-Cub could be as well totally slipped by me! I felt so idiotic!

Of COURSE he's strong-willed! Why did I never see it before? I experienced the proverbial light bulb moment when Mrs. Sassy suggested it! I guess I missed it because he didn't assert himself when he was younger, waiting instead to unleash his diabolical sabotage on us after he'd lulled us into a false sense of security. And, just so we're clear, that's pronounced, "dye-uh-bow-LICK-ul sab-oh-TAY-gee."

Well, I am pretty strong-willed myself (my children don't get it from any place strange and I admit I will be apologizing to my mild-mannered husband for the rest of my life) so I dug in my heels and went looking for fortification. After a bit of letting my fingers do the walking, Internet style, I found myself bolstered, refreshed, and ready to rumble. Mama now has a new attitude and a new plan. So far it's working pretty well, but I'll let you know in about 11 years how we've fared.

So, the Halloween decorating is still inching along. The porches are...done? I say it hesitantly because I'm still eyeing them critically and finding things I want to switch around. Maybe it's too cluttered. Maybe the colors are grouped wrong. Maybe it's too monochromatic. Maybe I need to just sit out there with a pumpkin latte and lose myself in the color of the leaves. Yes! That's the one! Some of the cobwebs have fallen down--AGAIN--and are making me crazy! The devilish stuff simply WILL NOT stay where I want it to. But all I have to do is wave a hand in front of it and it finds a way to permanently adhere itself to my cuticles. I don't even want to think about taking it down in a few weeks. Because THAT'S when it will drape itself beautiful all over the places it refuses to now.

Moving indoors, I've finally reclaimed my dining room table. I vowed last night that I would clear it and I did. I moved all the stuff into the living room where it is now crowding the coffee table, but the dining room table is clear! I'm still stalling. I have a major blockage. The big problem is the piano. It's my biggest display area, and while I'm thankful for it, it provides decorating dilemmas for me each and every season. Part of the problem is I was able to decorate with candles up the wazoo one year because I had a Halloween party and Daria lent me all her cool candle holders. But then, of course, she took them back. And ever since, nothing I ever put together can come close to the majesty of that year. Where's that pumpkin latte?

Did I tell you we've only 2 weeks (less actually) until Halloween and I haven't started on Man-Cub's costume yet? I haven't even set foot in a Goodwill yet! Shocking, I know! It's just because I have only the one costume to do and he's being Indiana Jones. Pretty easy. All the costume shops have the fedora and whip for only $15 so all I have to do is come up with brown pants, white shirt, brown boots and some kind of facsimile of a leather jacket. A fleather relic bag would be a good touch, but I'm not sure my skillz are up to the task and Lobelia has already declared she isn't helping me (selfish cow--j/k!). I will probably descend on Goodwill this weekend.

In renovating news, boy, it's been a while but now there is actually something to report, we have resumed talks about installing a fireplace-type device. It has always been our dream to have a fireplace. Of course, I would love to have this one:

But as a magical castle somewhere in Scotland is a wee bit out of our budget, we'll have to make do with something more cottagey. And inexpensive.

Aye, and there's the rub. You cannot put in a fireplace and remain on the inexpensive side of things. I am sure this old house was originally built with a fireplace, but it is long gone and we're not even sure where it once stood. And this house screams for a cozy hearth! When we mention we'd like to put one in people tilt their heads to the side and say, thoughtfully, "Don't you already have one?" as if they have vague recollections of seeing one in there. That's when I go a bit lathery and spit, "NO! You see? Our house was MADE for one!" And that's when The Viking leads me away to get a cold beverage or something.

Anyway, every year when Spring comes we sigh and say, maybe this year we can get one. But we never can. This year, a friend of The Viking's has offered him a wood-burning stove. Now, that is an interesting option. Interesting, but perhaps not satisfactory. We are still debating it. The Viking wants to take it and install it now. I am not so sure. Yes, yes, it burns wood, it will help with the winter gas bill, the house will smell like I've always wanted it to, we'll step outside on cold nights and say enviously, "Oh, who has lit a fire" like we always do only we'll be able to answer smugly, "Oh, it's US! Tee hee!"

BUT. I think wood-stoves are boderline ugly. And I don't know how it would fit in with our home's decor. I always associate them with more rustic, cabiny looks and I don't picture our home that way. PLUS. Where would we put it? The Viking wants to put it in the corner where the piano is.

Obviously, we'd have to move the piano. And, to where? And how? And to where? Also? Having a stove off in the corner like a naughty child might just be weird. Can we just put it off to the side like that? I just don't know. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad. But I'm kind of worried that once we get the stove in, The Viking will be satisfied enough with it to abandon the fireplace idea, and I am never going to not want one and he will get what he wants and I won't. Wow, that's childish.

Anyhoo, if something IS going to be installed, it needs to be installed soon because Winter's a-comin'. And it's going to be a cold one. And gas ain't cheap. And wood is free. Usually.

Right. I feel I am stopping this whole thing a bit short, but finding all those photos took way longer than anticipated and I really must go and strip beds, do laundry and FINISH THOSE DANG DECORATIONS! The morning has flown by! Until next time...


Susan said...

The house that we will hopefully purchase in 2010 has a woodburning stove in the fireplace. How's that for a compromise? The fireplace is concrete all the way down to the bottom of the crawlspace..wood floors in part of the house so it is radiant heat for the floors...and it works REALLY well. I can't wait to move in...but money being like it is....we rent and figure on another year at this home...which is fireplaceless. It is only the 3rd house in 27+ yrs that is fireplaceless...and we're in CO...we still can't believe that we rented a home w/o a fireplace considering how we love them...and the fact that our house in the Houston area had a double sided one....go figure.

koopermom said...

Oh, I am jealous! I had my son talked into being Indy this year, but his uncle is going as Woody the Cowboy so now he wants to be a cowboy too (again, he was last year!) I was actually just going to use a lot of last years costume anyways so no big deal. Indy is such a great idea!
Happy SITS blogging today!