Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just a Nightcap

I really should be in bed, but I just had to post a quick update or I know I'd sit down here tomorrow morning trying to remember stuff from the weekend and I'd get all frustrated and just procrastinate by looking around for Thanksgiving bits to put in my layout. Cause it's just around the corner, you know.

BUT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT! Cause you know right after that comes....NO! I WON'T SAY IT!

Um, yeah. I'm feeling better. Turns out all I needed was a couple of days of feeling really depressed and sitting around in my pajamas, even taking the time and effort to change back into my pajamas which I actually did a few times. Oh, yeah, and for my period to arrive. As soon as that happened I felt worlds better which makes me wonder how much of my funk was caused by grief and how much was hormones.

I actually think it was kind of the perfect storm. Take the time of year, add to that the 10th Anniversary, throw in a box of talking to a fellow SIDS survivor, and soak the whole thing in female hormones marinated in thyroid drugs before subjecting it to almost 48 hours of dealing with Man-Cub in rare form without the help of The Viking who was away doing a job (don't worry, he's not in the Mafia, it just sounds like it) and you've got me in my dirty pajamas and plaid robe lying on the couch alternately weeping and staring into space while dirty dishes and litter accumulate around the room.

I really don't intend to make light of it. It was really bad; worse than I've been in several years. I'm very thankful it was short-lived. But it just goes to show you never get over something like this. It can flare up at any time for any reason.

So, this morning, I made up for lost time a bit. I undid the damage of the previous two days, finished the "potions display" on the hutch in the dining room (trying to find a way to obtain photos), made a loaf of pumpkin bread, did the grocery shopping and made Broccoli-Potato Soup from scratch. It's more like Smoky Broccoli Potato Cheese Soup. It kind of tastes like a baked potato topped with broccoli, cheese and bacon in soup form. In other words, delicious. And perfect for this frigid fall night. The Viking built a fire out back and ate his soup and later smoked his pipe in front of it. He walked back in the house like a man in a dream.

I didn't get the amount of laundry done that I wanted to, nor did I clip all my coupons, sew the button on The Viking's pants or do any ironing. But that's all in good time. At least I got all our groceries and got a head start on the linens for tomorrow.

*Yawn* I'm ready for bed. My nose is numb, my fingers are cold, my toes are icy. And the flannel is calling me. Until tomorrow then!

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