Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Puddles of Drool

So, this morning, I'm waiting for Redheaded Snippet in the orthodontist's office (one more month to go, the child still isn't wearing her rubber bands properly) and I'm gleefully flipping through November's issue of Country Living magazine. I never buy this magazine as it's just way above me in the cost of the mag itself as well as the looks they feature. Maybe if they came out with a Little Better Than White Trash Living magazine...

Anyway, I never buy it but I do love to look at it. So I'm looking away, inwardly scoffing at the obvious wealth stuffed between the pages and I see something that stops me cold. Wanna know? You won't find it interesting in the least. But I am telling you anyway.

I know what you're thinking, and THEY'RE NOT RAIN BOOTS! They're WELLIES! Or maybe WELLYS (I've seen both spellings though I suspect the former is correct). Don't tell me they're rubber boots or galoshes. They keep your feet dry in wet weather and look darn spiffy while doing it!

Aren't they beautiful? I love them. I have been wanting a pair for so long and these just made me drool. I know, I'm a simple girl with simple tastes. But not so simple because DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THESE COST?

Again, despite your obvious disinterest, I'm going to tell you.

L.L. Bean sells their version for $59.

A pair of these, supposed original Hunter Wellington boots will run you $115. I guess because you get to say they were hand made in Scotland!

These kicky pink ones are more reasonable at $35.95.

These are pretty cute and come with a matching tote for $49.95. Still doable.

These are good for a laugh and are only $29.95. Moo!

But these are a little weird, even though a) I do love me some chocolate and b) the price is right at $24.67. I think I'd always be eating chocolate in the rain if I had these.

These are too much in EVERY way! Purple! Paisley! Fur-lined! $69.95!

But these? These are stupendous! Hands-down the winner! I crave these boots! I don't care how much they are! How much? $49.95. Not bad when you're getting a huge pile of AWESOME for your money!

And that was just a sampling, my friends. Go ahead and do a search on Wellingtons, Wellies or even just Rain Boots on Do it, I dare you! You'll be astounded and amazed!

So now if anyone needs to know what to get me for Christmas, besides a super-duper, easy-to-use digital camera so I can post photos again, I've given you a couple of good ideas. After all, Christmas is only ____ days away!

You're welcome.


Helen said...

They do come in some fantastic designs! "Wellies" is the plural "Welly" is singular, short for "Wellington Boots". As they were worn alot by Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington. :)
Hunter wellies are one of the best wellies makes you can buy. Over here in the U.K. they call us country folk "the green wellie brigade" because the majority of us wear the Hunter green wellie.Mainly because they put up with anything you can throw at them! I've had my Galloway boots for 13+ years and they're still going strong.
They are made just about 30miles from me in Dumfries, at (what was) the Gates Rubber factory.
I don't know how much it is in dollars but you can spend anything up to £300GBP on a pair of wellies if you wanted to!
On the "Country Living" front, my mum gets a subscription (to the u.k. version) and I just nick them of her after she's read them- I like to think of it as recycling!
Best Wishes, Helen

Magpie Interior Design said...

Hmmm, something we disagree on. Thought it would never happen! LOL. I LOVE Country Living mag. But I do agree that those boots are cute.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pippajo,
I got the green Hunter wellies when I was in England two years ago, and I love them although California weather hardly makes them necessary. But those red plaid ones? I would have snapped them up if I'd seen them there! Love, love, love red plaid anything. What Helen said is so true - all around the English countryside, green boots are the thing to wear.