Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cheap Costumes

Apparently, the economy is worse than I thought.

I know, everyone is talking about it, everyone is worried. But we haven't been. We've always lived paycheck to paycheck, without the benefit of credit cards or savings accounts or stock dividends. We've been scrimping and saving with tightened belts our whole lives. It's like we've welcomed the rest of the world to our world! So, other than the raised prices at the grocery store and gas station, I hadn't really felt the impact of the current economic crisis. Until now.

I was reading the paper and came across something rather disturbing.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. No one has gone untouched by these trying times. Remember in Les Miserables when Fantine was driven to sell her most prized possessions, her hair, and, eventually, her body because of her desperate circumstances? It seems some our best-loved fairy tale and nursery rhyme heroines have found themselves in similar straits and are resorting to prostitution to make ends meet.

Red Riding Hood. Little no longer, she's more than woman enough to handle any beast lurking beneath the blankets!
Snow White. Don't let her white-as-snow skin fool you, this girl knows how to please a man, or seven!Little Bo Peep. She knows a thing or two about tail wagging.

Alice in Wonderland. For a bite of your magic mushroom she'll tell you what really happened at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

These are the costumes splashed all over the front of the Party City circular included in my Sunday paper this week! They're also featured prominently in ads all over the store.

Why has Halloween become nothing more than an excuse to dress like a whore? When I was a teenager there were a few costumes that were inherently naughty, like French Maid, Can Can Dancer, Playboy Bunny. But Snow White with cleavage? Little Red Riding Hood with black fishnets? Crikey, this makes me feel old! Don't I sound old?

I am so thankful Redheaded Snippet is being a ninja this year!

P.S. It's the day before Halloween and I still do not have Man-Cub's Indiana Jones jacket settled. I went to about 6 different stores, including virtually every thrift store within reach and all I have is a tan suede jacket that's too big and may need to be dyed. Should be fun. I'm going to try tea. I'll let you know how that works.


C&C said...

Oh my goodness, you are so funny! Yes, the costumes are nuts these days, I'm shocked too. And also feeling a little old - when did things get so out of hand? I remember when you were pretty racy to don a french maid costume.

Leila said...

I think that having a teenage daughter automatically makes you cranky about stuff like this. Or should.

I'm on my fourth...well, she's 11 1/2...I'm not so much cranky as hopping mad. I'm so glad that the sexual revolution has brought us overt, ubiquitous references to prostitution. Thanks a bunch. I'm no Puritan but...bring me those old-time taboos!

Anyway, now that we're done being cranky, I'm glad you liked my light fixture! Well, I really couldn't leave it the way it was, could I?

My husband made a good point when I wistfully compared it to the pricey one with the glass inside. He said that the lack of glass will make it impossible for the bugs to die in there, and unnecessary to clean!
So practical! :)

amy said...

At Michael's they have this stuff called Simply Spray fabric paint- it's supposed to work on unfinished leather, and I've read that fabric paint in general works on suede. I'm not sure if spraying or brushing on with a rag would work best but I would try it!

KnC Zman said...

You had me going.. i was reading all serious than i saw the pics! you are too much! i really think you need to be freelance writing for some paper or magazine. give it a try , they always ask for freelance articles. =)