Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Excessive Cuteness Warning

Look, I know I posted today and I'm supposed to be beautifying and all, and believe me that takes a lot of time and wherewithal, but I forgot I wanted to share a photo.

Not just any photo. This one needs some introduction. And a warning. Because it just may be, nay, in point of fact, it IS the most adorable, precious, cute, angelic, darling, sweet and all other related adjectives photo you have ever seen. I mean it. You need to sit down. You may need insulin. At the very least a nice slug of whiskey. I'll wait...

Are you ready? Cause I am not kidding. It will strike you right through the heart.







Ta da!

Didn't I tell you? Sip your whiskey, go ahead. That there is my niece, Baby Bee. She is trying out the Halloween costume my mom made for DARIA about 23 years ago! I'm assuming that's her bunny face, or perhaps she's about to sneeze. I don't care because I just can't stand it. Can you stand it? I can't stand it.

Anyone else getting a real Ramona Quimby vibe? Remember when she rode around on her tricycle wearing rabbit ears being all precocious and silly?

Now this one, I'm not sure about. She looks rather creepy here, no? I believe the substance in the eyebrows is squash and I think the story goes that she somehow got it all over her entire head and managed to wipe it all off save for the eyebrows. Maybe her parents are really dying them so she looks good for her headshots. Cause I really think they could pay for her entire college education with just one photo!

Dharma, you need to send that baby to me at once. I promise I will take good care of her and let her watch Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and even let her listen to Antshillvania (*shudder*) as much as she wants. I will make her pie and let her wear squash on her eyebrows and The Viking will call her all kinds of weird names just like Vance does so she feels more at home. Just send her here. Immediately.

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