Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Blah Blah Blah

So,I've made progress on getting my Fall on (as The Viking put it yesterday) and got the kitchen porch mostly done. I did take photos but now need some handholding in order to get them out of the camera and into the computer. Redheaded Snippet's team won their hockey game 10-0 yesterday after a stinging loss to their rivals last Thursday. They played hard, but the rivals played magnificently and fully deserved their 6-0 win. Man-Cub had a MUCH better day after driving me literally to drink on Monday and we managed to get our replacement backpack from L.L. Bean. Just a side note about that, I still had to pay $10 because the borderline snotty woman at the cash register said the computer said I paid $45 for the original bag back in August/September of 2007. I knowI paid $50 and told her so. But she was all, "Compu'eh sez nau" and as I didn't have a receipt all I could do was fling my card at her like a Chinese star.


No, I didn't. I was resignedly kind. But, the bag we got instead was on sale for $54 and was originally $70, which I never, never, never would have paid, and Redheaded Snippet really likes it. It's black and red plaid, Daria. Very cool. Let's see if we can find a photo, shall we?


Not bad at all, right? The salesman (who was very decidedly UNsnotty) was sure to point out how this ultra-cool bag has places for ipods and cell phones and whatnot like it was a selling point. I admit I was rather smug when I told him she doesn't have any of that stuff. Redheaded Snippet just rolled her eyes at me.

That was way more than a side note, I agree. Regretable but unavoidable. But we're nearing the end.

Last night The Viking lit his pipe and he and I spent many happy moments in the crisp, pungent outdoors hanging corn stalks. I was literally clapping my hands with merriment and glee! If we could only burn piles of leaves! That would be awesome! The Viking could wear his red plaid barn coat and deerstalker and once I've set my homemade apple pie on the window sill to cool I could bring out a thermos of steaming hot chocolate...or maybe a hot toddy...I don't know what those are but they always sound divine. Okay, back to reality. And the 21st century. Dammit.

Only one more thing before I go. Redheaded Snippet was sharing some of her journal entries from English class yesterday. She's getting to be quite a good writer and I love hearing her perspective on things (she's also been getting into intelligent political debates and educating her classmates--you go girl). One of her assignments was to write about what she gets from her mother. Uh-oh! I braced myself for the worst...

She started by saying she gets her shapely neck and shoulders from me. It's true. This is the only part of my body as yet unblemished by the ravages of age and stress. As Eddy Monsoon would say, "Darling, my whole body hangs off these shoulders!"

Then she said, "I also get my sassiness and fierceness from my mom"! Hee! I tend to think of myself as sassy, but not usually as fierce. I don't usually display it to the world. Unless you push me. Or try to mess with my kids. But, to my delight, Redheaded Snippet said that's how everyone in her school (at least her class) sees me. They know not to mess with me or mine. Sassy and Fierce! Tyra would be so proud! Sprechen sie sassy?

'Kay. Enough. I am going to clean this house! It's been substandard for way too long, people! I'm going to tie my hair back, put on some sturdy shoes and crank up my Halloween list on itunes!

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