Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: Monophotographia

round button chicken
~Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life~ Every Thursday at Like Mother Like Daughter
I'm tired. And still funk-entrenched. So here is my singular submission for today's PHFR. It makes me feel contented but I'm too languid to categorize it.  So I shall leave it to you to determine its quality.

For Your Consideration:

My first attempt at biscotti.  I was making a sa-paghetti and-a meat-sa-ball dinner, complete with garlic bread and salad and thought, "What can I make for dessert that goes with all of this and isn't cannoli?"  And biscotti was the winner!

I did modify the recipe a tad.  I hate anise so I substituted vanilla instead.  And I added about 2 handfuls of chocolate chips to the dough.  You can't go wrong with chocolate chips in a baked good.

We haven't actually tried them yet, but The Viking has just walked in the door with the coffee ice cream I asked for (it's National Coffee Day--did you know that?) so we're about to go to town.


Sue said...

That looks great! I'd say pretty and happy, for sure. :o)

Mama Bear, JD said...

they look good. Really good. i agree about the chocolate chips making all baked goods better!

Lisa said...

Biscotti is nice every so often - less fat, more crunch!

Leila said...

Oh, well, yes! Biscotti... with ice cream. Perfect.
Too languid to characterize it?? hahaha you crack me up.