Monday, October 03, 2011

Flannel Day!

Well, today was the day, that day I've been waiting for since April:

Flannel Day!

That's right, the day I unpack our flannel bedding and remake the beds in all their flannelly glory!

I love flannel day. So much so, that, this year, I documented the changing of the guard, as it were.

First, a before shot (sorry about the crazy angle).  Bye-bye summer cottons!  See you in April!

My heart actually swelled in anticipation when I opened the closet to get to the flannels.  It's been so long!  I've missed you all so much!

Two things of note: First, the ever-so-classy his-and-hers remotes hanging from the headboard and second, the uneven depth of the mattress (see that "fault line" down the center?).  This is what happens when Papa Bear and Mama Bear would like to continue sharing a bed.  The Viking has back problems so we got a Sleep Number Bed.  It is great for him, but not soft enough for me, so I need a memory foam topper on my side.  Hence, the wonky mattress...

We use our duvet all year but in Autumn and Winter I sheath it in a cover Mom made for me using the two flannel flat sheets that match the fitted sheets I use.  We don't use flat sheets.  The Viking hates them and always manages to bunch them down to the bottom of the bed each and every night.  I learned very early in our marriage not to use them.  So instead Mom turns them into duvet covers for me!

Fitting the duvet into its cover is a bit tricky.  The best way I've found is to do it as shown: lay the cover out on the bed inside out and upside down.  Lay the duvet on top of it.  Clip the corners using clips specifically made for the purpose of keeping a duvet and its cover in perfect harmony (got mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond).  Then reach way up into the cover, grasp one of the top corners and then pull it out, turning the cover right-side-out with the duvet inside it.

Then, continue to make the bed as you usually would.  I realize I've got quite a pattern bonanza here.  I'm of the opinion that any patterns go together as long as the colors match.  So I have no problem matching a green and blue plaid with a blue and white stripe and a blue, green and white floral.  I think that's why I like cottage style so much; it's very forgiving, especially if you have a small budget.

Aaaaand the after shot.  I am not kidding, I have been thinking about slipping in between these flannel sheets all day!  They are calling my name!  I think it's time for me to answer...Good night!

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