Thursday, September 08, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: "Special" Supper Edition

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This week's Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real is brought to you by stone fruit cobbler and the fine city of Minneapolis.

The Viking had a very short business trip earlier this week. To, you guessed it, Minneapolis. And since none of us were very happy about the impending (though blessedly short) separation, to cheer ourselves up, Redheaded Snippet and I decided to throw together a slightly special, slightly more fancy bon voyage supper. What ensued was a lot of contentment pulled from a very ordinary evening of our lives.


Redheaded Snippet had had a game. We were very cold and wet when we got home and I had very little time in which to prepare supper. And I had planned nothing for dessert and, as such, had procured nothing from the store by way of ingredients. How was I going to pull a dessert out of that hat? A quick scan of the kitchen revealed a lone peach, a single plum and two nectarines showing warning signs of shrivelage leftover from our foray to the farm. Eureka! I mixed a little of this and a little of that and threw together a peach/plum/nectarine crisp.


Success! With a little cream poured on top, it was heavenly! The Viking kept saying, "How did you do this? This is amazing!"  Once again, I felt like a rock star.


We were so cheerful that, of course, there were hijinks.  Man-Cub likes to play wizard whenever there is fire. We're not entirely sure, but we think he gets that from his father...

Funny/Real/Pretty (though she doesn't think so)

This was actually a hijink on my part; she thought I was bluffing with the camera pointed at her but HAHA!  And Man-Cub paid me back later, as you shall see in a few moments...


And Man-Cub was like, "Ha ha, this is what you looked like!"


And Redheaded Snippet was like, "Well, if the camera's on, looky this!"


And then he was like, "Oh yeah?  I can muss up my hair, too..."


And then she was like, "Oh yeah?  Well you can't do this!"


And he was just beyond caring at that point...


Then, foolishly, I put down the camera at which point Man-Cub grabbed it and aimed it at me saying, "I don't have a picture of you, Mom!" And before I could grab the camera out of his squirrelly, little hands--SNAP!  I think I look like I've had work done.  Don't I look like I've had work done?  I guess this really can't count as a Real photo because it makes me look rather thinner and better than I really am.  Which is, of course, why I was brave enough to post it.  Which kind of defeats the purpose of this activity, doesn't it?  Well, let's not over-analyze...

I'm sure we softened The Viking's departure for him but I'm not if it was by filling him with an extra dose of affection to hold him over until his return or with a hefty dose of relief that he'd be free from the lunacy for a short while.  He was kind enough not to specify and, either way, I believe we did him a favor.

What about you?  Have you been able to find contentment simply by looking around you?  Join in the fun and I assure you it won't be too hard to find!

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Linny said...

Love that you were able to pull a dessert out of thin air! I have no such skills. I wouldn't even know where to start...