Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lazy Saturday Morning

This Saturday is lazy with a purpose. We've been so busy that we figured a decompress day was in order. Actually, just a decompress morning as Redheaded Snippet does have a rather big hockey game this evening at quite a distance from home. But as no one had to leave until 3:30 we decided to just lie around until then. And let the hijinks, be as they may, ensue.

Meet Neville. He was fated to be a side dish for our supper tomorrow. But now he has a face and a name so we may be unable to bring ourselves to eat him.

If you're a fan of Potter Puppet Pals (we are) or have seen the above video, you have an idea of why my children (assisted by Daria, of course) are drawing on and naming butternut squash. If not, well then you probably just think we're mentally disturbed or delightfully quirky and creative. And I don't think I'm going to be able to do anything about those opinions.

Man-Cub, with his googly-eye stickers of mischief, created an effigy friend for poor Neville.

But then he realized that Nerf darts stick to butternut squash skin. Poor, poor Neville.

Neville really shouldn't feel bad as even The Viking wasn't safe (though he seems thoroughly unperturbed, does he not?). In fact, I am the only one who is safe because Man-Cub knows Mom will throw those darts away if one of them happens to hit her!

Well, our lazy morning has stretched into a lazy afternoon and now a somewhat lazy evening lies before us.  Some of us have decided not to attend the game after all and are, instead, making a cake (a real one, and not some mix from a box this time ;-)), watching a new (to us) David-Suchet-as-Hercule-Poirot Agatha Christie movie and possibly playing a few favorite games.  The Laze-Away lingers on!

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