Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ten Minute Challenge

Wacky Wednesdays are back, now that school and, as of tonight, mid-week church are back in session! And I have a mere ten minutes to myself before I have to do something about this flabby, dense thing perched atop my neck and head out to Redheaded Snippet's FIRST HOME GAME OF THE SEASON! Go Vikings!

So in careless slash form, here are a few things percolating in my head:

-It has occurred to me that if I were only to take up knitting again, I would have something useful to do with myself during field hockey games and not get so bored or jittery. And I could make people all kinds of things they would have to pretend to like! Must dig out knitting things...

-I really want to ramp up my cooking habits. The pantry and kitchen are organized (and, glory of glories, staying that way), and supper, laundry, bedtime and school are under control. So now I think it is time to add a few more things. Like, perhaps, scheduling a day each week when I bake a crapload of foodstuffs. You know, a cake, a few batches of cookies, maybe even, gulp, bread. The more I learn to cook, the more excited I get about doing it and about providing my family with healthier, less-preserved, less "fortified", less messed-around-with food.

-I would also like to tweak our curriculum a bit. I'm wondering if Man-Cub really should learn French. Latin is fine and all and he likes it, but French just seems...I don't know...proper somehow? And I also think we need to add economics, some form of self defense/martial arts, and possibly gymnastics. We'll see...

-We need a new duvet for our bed. We've had our current one for probably close to ten years and it has little holes all over where the feathers have poked through. You can't make a move in there without feathers flying all over the place and I sweep so many of them up each when week when I dust and vacuum that I can't believe there are any left inside the thing. But duvet's are expensive. And I'm just not sure where to get one frugally...

-We also need to get a new mattress for Man-Cub. He's having a hard time sleeping on his and I think it's pretty ancient. Anything to help the boy sleep!

-Speaking of Man-Cub, he has informed me that he no longer cares for his blog name. It's too childish now that he is officially a tween. He is suddenly into wishing he was more grown up than he is and he wants something more manly and powerful sounding. I like Davy-boy, after Mr. Davy Keith in the Anne of Green Gables series. Davy reminds me a lot of my Man-Cub, but I don't think he would appreciate being called something with, "boy," in the title. He has suggested Shark Tooth or Hiccup Horrendous Haddock The Third which I could potentially see being shortened to H-Cubed or H3 but we're still in negotiations.

Well, that's all for me today. Gotta throw some veg into the pot roast and throw some slap on my face!

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