Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: Out of Order Edition

As in rearranged, not broken...
round button chicken
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We're doing Pretty then FUNNY, then Happy and Real. Mixin' it up! WHUUUUUUUUT!

When I'm not wearing it proudly on my chest, I stick it onto a magnet on the fridge.  Yep, thar's my fridge.
This is my Field Hockey Mom button. Every year, during a game early in the season, someone pops over to me and hands me one of these. I don't know who takes the players' photos or makes them into buttons or goes through the trouble of tracking down all the parents, but, to me, it's like magic! Poof!  Here's your button! My family envies me these buttons and they all fight over the old ones. But 'tis pretty, no?

I think you see why I had to go out of order?
One word: Man-Cub.  Ok, many more words (I'm incapable of just one word, you know that): we had some stick-on googly eyes laying around and Man-Cub decided his sister's portrait wasn't realistic enough and needed some improvements.  He did the same thing to several other photos hanging on the fridge.  For some reason they really freaked The Viking out, which I find even funnier than the googly-eyed photos themselves!

This is how we met, after all...
"FIE," I hear ye cry, most vexed!  "Mine eyes have beheld this image nary a fortnight ago!"  Nay, dear reader, if ye be astute ye would observe (ok I can't do it anymore) this is not the same photo!  It's ever so slightly different but different nonetheless!  Anyway, The Viking and I met in music class and were singing together before we were ever interested in each other so it always makes me nostalgically happy to sing with him again.  Especially at weddings which make me all sentimental about our own lovely, perfect day...*Le sigh*

And again I say, "Le sigh..."

I almost made this my Pretty or Happy photo.  But I settled on Real.  This is a real man.  He's older, grayer, a little more wrinkled, a bit less fit, and a wee bit more serious, but he's every bit the man I fell madly in love with 20 years ago.  Sometimes I think back and remember the teenager who used to play with my hair in class and doodle our names on his desk just to make me blush and, instead of missing those young, carefree days, I enjoy the reality of living the dream and the promise of growing old together.  Oh, how I love this man!  This is love most real.

Have you found contentment in your every day this week?  Join in the fun!


Dusa said...

I loved the description of you in school sweet!

Bethanne said...

AMEN to real men! Cheers to growing old with your real love. Fantastic hat, too!

Mama Bear, JD said...

LOVE this post! The googly eyes would freak me out too.

Paula said...

Lovely! I stumbled across your blog from LMLD and could not stop reading! I think you must be a kindred spirit. The tone and spirit of your blog is quite fun!

Rachel said...

Ha! Googly eyes!
I was a volleyball player and hated that they would pull me aside once during practice to take my picture that my mother then wore proudly to every game. Just what every young teen wants: a sweaty, mussed-up picture of herself being paraded around on the chest of her mother. I hope they at least take that picture before practice begins for your girl.

Leila said...

Awwww.... :)

justamouse said...

That is so amazing that you sing together.