Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: Themeless

round button chicken
~Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life~ Every Thursday at Like Mother Like Daughter
*edited because I am even more lame than I thought...
Today is truly an exercise in capturing contentment in the everyday. We are having a very busy week here. And yet, I have still been able to catch flashes of just how very good my life is. What a valuable gift contentment is!

Without further ado:

Homemade granola bars.  At least I think they're pretty.  When I think of how much healthier they are for my family, I think they're very pretty!


The Viking's birthday is on Saturday.  He's turning FORTY!  The kids and I saved up all our egg and pin money for months and bought him a fancy, uber-comfy recliner and gave it to him a week early.  We positioned it perfectly in the living room so he can unwind by the fire and swivel to see the tv (on the rare occasion he actually watches it).  When scrolling through the photos on my phone today, I came across this shot he had obviously taken.  I'm thinking he must have been quite happy to want to document the view from his throne!
Also Happy

If you know The Viking in real life at all, you know what a very familiar sight this is.  We do have a piano in the living room, but he is a synthesizer man (we have heated debates all the time about acoustic vs synthesized--as only music geeks can).  We're both attending and performing in a wedding this weekend so he was putting the finishing touches on his pieces last night.  There is something about the sight of him at a keyboard (acoustic or lame synthesized) that makes me happy.  It probably reminds me of when we first met and started dating (he was a wild man on the keys then)!

Happy and Funny

Like father, like son.  The Viking (obviously) left the keyboard set up and Man-Cub/Davy-boy/H3 has been fiddling with it almost constantly ever since.  I was reminded today that it was at about this age that Redheaded Snippet's athletic abilities began to make themselves known and it seems to me that Man-Cub/Whatever is starting to show similar signs in the music department.

I've left him alone and am counting it as Music Appreciation/Composition.  If you could hear some of the things he's written today, you would appreciate the "Funny" designation even more.  One of them was introduced to me as, "This is how squirrels would say, 'I love you,' or, 'Take out the trash,'"!


I don't think it gets much more real than this*.  I've managed to wash and dry the laundry, but folding it has been another matter.  This is only half of it.  You should see the top of the washer and dryer.


There it is: Mount Doom.  I've got half a mind to see just how high I can get it...actually, I think having half a mind is probably the source of the problem.

Well, as Phineas Flynn-Fletcher would say, "Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today..."


Lisa said...

One of these day (months?) I'm going to try making granola bars - three dollars a box - on sale - for Kashi bars is a lot. (although I love them)

Linny said...

Oh my goodness! We're laundry sisters! I had a similar photo a few weeks ago with laundry covering my bed!

Leila said...

I love how many people's "real" is their piles of laundry!!