Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where's my stuff?

I really wish certain people with whom I live (and who shall remain nameless though they know who they are--or they would if they were ever to read this, which they don't) would stop messing with stuff and losing it!

I was going to take some lovely photos to share with you today but, alas, once again, the photo card is missing from inside the camera as is the little plug-in thingy that we use to transfer our photos from said camera into the computer. This keeps happening again and again and it really frustrates my attempts at maintaining a barely interesting blog. And it's always the same two people--what on earth are they doing with that photo card? What could be so important that they must take it so often and keep it secreted so long? Should I be concerned?

Anyway, today is a momentous day and I really thought it warranted photographic documentation. It's Flannel Day. The day I bedeck the beds in all their flannel glory. Oh yes it is! I usually wait until the first of October, but the weather was so lovely today, so cool and crisp, and I had to strip and remake the beds anyway so I decided to just give in and do it!

I was going to take photos of all the flannely goodness, but...

That's really all I've got today. Nothing else of consequence has happened in the past few days. Daria and I have been driving each other out of our minds trying to plan this Clue party, but I don't really have any info to share on that other than I think I'm going to be Mrs. Peacock. But it's not finalized yet.

Hopefully, I can get Redheaded Snippet to tell me where the photo card is and take photos of the flannels and the Halloween decorations I've started around the house. But no promises, that girl is one tough negotiator (oops! and I was going to keep her nameless..oh well)!

Until next time...

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