Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Do You Know?

September is already half over??? Already??? I am, hence the excessive question marks of incredulity, shocked and dismayed by this! I love September and do not wish to see half of it already swept past me! And I mentioned to Man-Cub yesterday that Halloween was only 6 weeks away and that almost made me choke! It's going to be New Year's Eve before we know it!

So, I'd better get a move on! I've got apple-picking trips to arrange, Autmny-Harvesty recipes to unearth, flannels to launder, summer clothes to recover from the bottom of the dresser drawers and pack into the backs of closets, russety-, earthy-colored trinkets to haul up from the basement and arrange in delightful array about the house, and pumpkin lattes to sample!

All while managing the children's school and game schedules. Jeepers.

Which brings me to my second Do You Know of the day:

2009's Field Hockey Season has been so much FLIPPING FUN! This has been the most fun season ever and we're only 3 official games into it! First, as a woman who long ago bore a member of the team, I have been given a very adorable and satisfyingly large and ostentatious button with a photo of Redheaded Snippet on it. We moms wear them emblazoned on our chests at games, pretending to be blase' about it like we've forgotten just how good this team is or how completely chuffed we are to have a daughter playing on it while really, on the inside, we wish we could be wearing about 80 of those buttons all over every inch of our clothing and carry banners with our daughters' faces and numbers on them, screaming, "She's MINE, she came out of ME and I deserve your attention and admiration by proxy!" I think these buttons are great fun and take great pride in embarrassing Redheaded Snippet by wearing it everywhere! But they must be cool for even Daria wants one.

Second, Redheaded Snippet (okay, you may want to avert your eyes because I am going to brag. So, either look away or just deal with it), Redheaded Snippet has gotten plucked from JV (a team on which it is a great honor to play as a Freshman) and is now playing Varsity. She could, of course, be bumped back down to JV at any time depending on her performance, but so far, she has played in all three Varsity games. And has scored in two of them! And last night, she was part of the starting lineup. I couldn't believe it when I saw her trot onto the field, a wee speck of maroon under those bright, bright lights, and bend down with her stick on that fresh, green turf to start the game! I saw her name mentioned on our local paper's website for the first time this morning. I sent links to people. I am insufferable. Thankfully, Snippet herself is taking much more in stride. She just wants to play. Period.

Tomorrow is The Viking's birthday and I have nothing planned save going to the liquor store for his annual birthday bottle of good Scotch (I'm thinking Laphroaig this year--Lenny highly recommends it). He told me he wants White Castle hamburgers and a milkshake. What is wrong with this man? I was thinking along the lines of roast lamb with mint jelly and cheesecake for dessert, but it's not my birthday, now, is it? So White Castles it shall be and if the man wants a big ole package of indigestion tied up with a heartburn bow for his birthday, so be it. And it does cut down drastically the list of things I have to buy: Scotch and Pepto Bismol, check!

Right, so it's that time again, time to get back to my housework and get caught up on all the things that fell apart while I was resting my aching back and neck. Our sofa has become the Leaning Tower of Laundry, the fridge smells dreadful and there are tiny bits of turf all over the laundry room floor that need to be swept up. Not to mention I haven't the slightest idea what I'm making for dinner tonight to pack up and take to church. That's right, mid-week church starts up again tonight! This year, The Viking and I are leading Youth Band rehearsals on Wednesdays and Youth Worship on Sundays. Youth Band isn't really my thing, but I'm finding that when God calls you, it's not always to your particular cup of tea. Here's where He has me, so we'll see what He's got planned. But that still means I have to have dinner cooked and packed up by 6:00 tonight. I don't know yet what it will be, but it will have to be quick, cheap and very portable. BLTs, perhaps? I could go for one of those. And maybe I'll heat up a can of soup for The Viking. He doesn't seem to have great compunctions concerning the canning of soup.

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