Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Autumn!

Today is the first day of Autumn and I, for one, couldn't be happier! In fact, just as I glanced up from the screen, a brown leaf floated gracefully past the window as if in confirmation of it.

We've been sleeping with the windows open, wearing light jackets and sweatshirts at night, building fires whenever possible and tonight, I'm making chili-an'-cornbread. I can't say them as separate words anymore. It's chili-an'-cornbread! And there's still some leftover (Theoretical No Longer) Butternut Squash, Apple and Gorgonzola Gratin to enjoy! That stuff is to die for. Just trust me. Make it, you'll love it.

In local news, Redheaded Snippet (doesn't she look cute in her uniform?) continues to take the world of high school field hockey by storm. Sure, I exaggerate slightly, but I've got bragging rights, don't I? She's still playing Varsity and last night scored three goals!

You may well wonder what on earth my sweet, little, dainty, fairy princess is doing...with what looks, it can't her hands...After each game the coaches select a Star of the Game who they think played like "The Shizz". I know, it's crass and it's vulgar, but I can't help but think it's pretty darn funny. I'm a little shocked at myself, honestly, but it just tickles me so! And after last night's game, Redheaded Snippet was named, "The Shizz"! Is it wrong to be so proud of her?

(In)appropriately enough, the "trophy" selected as the symbol of this great honor is none other than "Shizz" itself: fake, prank poo. Redheaded Snippet excitedly whipped it out of her bag and brandished it as if it were a blue ribbon when I picked her up after the game last night. That looked pretty funny. And for your information, it is squishy, it bounces and it smells slightly of plastic. Man-Cub is absolutely besotted with it.

And as if she wasn't already flying high enough, Snippet got her braces off this morning! I can only imagine how many times she's going to be digging through rubbish bins looking for that retainer...

We hadn't told The Viking they were coming off today; she wants to surprise him at the door with a big smile when he gets home tonight. She keeps running her tongue over her teeth and the retainer makes her talk a little funny, but she just can't seem to stop smiling.

And neither can I, when I look at that face.

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