Sunday, November 16, 2008

Phase I: Complete!

That's right! The planning phase of Operation Give Thanks 2008 is complete! I've got my lists written and organized (with pretty fonts, bullets, indents and everything) and I'm ready to move into Phase II: Mobilization.

I have lots to shop for, though, shockingly and thankfully, the list is not as long as in years past. I guess I've succeeded in simplifying this year. That or I've totally forgotten something essential. I've got about an even chance of it being either.

I've agonized over menus and recipes and have come up with a very simply, but very yummy-sounding plan. I'm relying heavily on my old standby, America's Test Kitchen (have you checked them out yet? You should because, honestly, I cannot say enough about them; they are the reason I know how to cook), with a dash of Martha Stewart and the official Chambers cookbook thrown in.

Thanksgiving 2008 Menu


Crudite' Platter (just a fancy way of saying we're dipping stuff into other stuff)


Roast Turkey made the Chambers way


Cranberry Sauce with Ginger and Pear

Classic Bread Stuffing with Sage and Thyme

Mashed Potatoes

Lobelia's Sweet Potato Surprise (she isn't calling it this, I am because it's a surprise!)

Skillet-Braised Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Shallots

Refrigerator Rolls


Pumpkin Pie

Apple Pie

Pecan Pie

Homemade Whipped Cream






So there you have it. I'm quite proud, I must say. I'm even prouder of the fact that I know when I'm going to accomplish preparing and cooking it all. I've got all that planned out, too. I did that last year and it worked so well, I'm doing it again. Anyway, after all that planning, I'm quite bushed, so I'm going to take a break and reward myself with a little couch time with Man-Cub. The Viking is out picking up our wood stove...

Hey, yeah, did I mention we decided to get the wood stove? Merlin's Pants, I must've forgotten! We're not sure we can afford all the materials to install it this year, but we're going to buy all the supplies as we can and it should be in by next winter for sure! But The Viking thinks he may have found a place that has the stuff we need at a much lower price than we had seen elsewhere, so it's a distinct possibility that we may indeed have actual chestnuts roast on an actual fire in our own home this Christmas! Oooops, but there I go, saying the forbidden word. We are on complete and utter Christmas lockdown until Black Friday over here. No music or decorations until Thanksgiving is over! Of course, tell that to Redheaded Snippet who rebels by keeping the radio in her room set on the local station that's been playing nothing but Christmas music and blaring it every chance she gets! Hey, it could be worse!

Right, off to the couch!


Leila said...

This is fabulous. It all sounds so so good.
Good work. I'm making my overall punch list now! I have way too much to do.
Menus later...
I hope you have a good day tomorrow!

yippeevintage said...

Your Thanksgiving menu sounds deLISH! I'm cooking for 3 (including myself) and getting a little nervous. One of the 3 (not me) can really cook so I want to make a dinner that's extra special... no StoveTop Stuffing this year! lol Thanks for the tip ~ I'll be looking to America's Test Kitchen for a helping hand :)

I've nominated your blog for the Marie Antoinette Blog Award... stop by and take a peek if you have a moment :)