Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ever have those days when you feel like a total failure, like your life is a mess and there's nothing you can do about it? Ever fall into despair about ever getting the house clean, tidy and organized, getting the kids to behave and do what you tell them, fully getting your husband's attention? Ever feel taken for granted, unappreciated, invisible, unimportant? Ever feel like you toil endlessly, doing the same thing day after mind-numbing day with nothing to show for it? Ever fear that if you have to wipe the same counter, sweep the same floor, fold the same underwear, scour the same pot, scold the same child for the same infraction, step on the same razor-sharp Legos in your bare feet, strip the same pissy bedsheets, trip over the same field hockey stick bag, referee the same argument, fight the same bedtime battle and explain the same needs to your husband one more time you're going to snap and run screaming into the street?

It's Wednesday, it's one of those days and I just don't know if I can do it.


Amy said...

Don't worry-- Obama is going to make sure we don't have more of the SAME. He is going to make everything better. Sorry, I have no words of wisdom for you- just hope your day gets better.

Pippajo said...


KnC Zman said...

HELLLP.. master blogger.. why canlt i download images on to my current post!! Ugh! any advise???

Leila said...

Why do you get depressed on Wednesdays? I never heard of that. It's so very odd. ;)

(Or are you seriously just tanked after the election? I could certainly understand that.)

Once I found myself very nearly unable to go into the grocery store YET AGAIN. I had to take a deep breath and offer it up for my family. Sounds silly!

It's part of being a mom. What the world calls drudgery, we have to make lovable. May you have a better Thursday!

Becka said...

Yes. I feel like this frequently.

Jump off the hamster wheel. It's the only solution. You might break your neck (or maybe a counter will be dirty and you kids will die of salmonella poisoning). But, it's better to take a calculated jump than to keep running, pass out from exhaustion and take an unconscious fall. In which case you are guaranteed to break your neck, and your children are likely to be killed by salmonella poisoning (when you can't wipe your counters for a month)

trust me. I speak from experience. And no hamsters or children were harmed by my metaphor.