Friday, November 21, 2008

An Award and a Give-Away

Just a quickie today as I have a MILLION things to do (understandably as it's my last regularly scheduled shopping day before Thanksgiving--with one extra day to procure the perishables on Wednesday, of course).

I've got an award and a give-away to tell you about!

First, the award:

Well, I am fond of cake...

It seems I am a recipient? nominee? of the Marie Antoinette blog award. The honor was bestowed upon me by Angela over at Yippee Vintage. It's my first award on this blog and I am very honored, though I'm not sure what the award means. But, rather than looking a gift horse in the mouth, I'm going to assume it's just because she likes my blog. How nice is that? Pretty nice!

But, alas, there are rules. You know, with great blessing comes great responsibility or something pithy like that.


1. Please put the logo on your blog

2. Link it to the person from whom you received the award

3. Nominate at least 7 or more blogs

4. Put the links of those blogs on your blog

5. Leave a message on their blogs to tell them

This is the hard part. Some of my favorite blogs are big-time, you know? An award from little ol' me will hardly be noticed. I feel silly nominating them at all. But I guess I will have to do it cause them's the rules! So here are my favorites:

Stacy at 19 Butternut
Laura at Amongst The Oaks
Leila at Like Mother, Like Daughter
Another Angela at Cottage Magpie
Kim at The Twice Remembered Cottage
Linda at Restyled Home
Amber at The Shabbee Chick

I stalk you all regularly so as recompense, I nominate you!

Now for the giveaway. It is not mine. I am giving away nothing. But, one of my favorite bloggers is giving away a fairy door!

And not just any fairy door:

THIS fairy door! Look! It's all Christmassy and cute!

Now, would you look at that, the same blogger giving away the adorable fairy door also happens to be one of my nominees up there, Linda of Restyled Home. But, I swear I'm not sucking up (even though I think she is oh so talented and her blog oh so delightful). I actually thought twice about posting the link to the giveaway here because that would mean more people to compete with for the prize, but posting it does give me the opportunity to be entered twice. So, I'm being self-seeking here. Just so we're clear.

Right, so go check out the fairy door and enter yourself for a chance to win it (or don't and I'll have a better chance).

As for me, I must be off. Lots to buy!


Magpie Interior Design said...

Omigosh, omigosh omigosh! Me? You want me to have an award? Seriously? Thank you so much. I am honored and excited! Yippee!


Amongst The Oaks said...

Thank you Pippajo for giving me an award. You must be remembering the days when I blogged regularly 'cause lately my blog has been sorely neglected!
I thought of you last Thursday when I saw a Chambers range with its unique cooking well. I told the Lord of the Manor all about it and all about you too.
I'll do the award thing tomorrow.