Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's Almost Here!

So, are you almost ready? I think I am. I hesitate to declare it confidently because there is always the very real possibility that I have forgotten something or am just completely underestimating how long it's going to take me to do everything. I tend to do that.

But things are going well. This weekend we got a few necessary chores out of the way, including some organizing, dusting, a little painting and general cleaning.

Poor Nutmeg spent most of the weekend outside or shut in the laundry room. Because of the STANK that emanated from her every, oh, 5-10 minutes or so for more than 24 hours! I don't want to go into indelicate details or anything, but she must have eaten something half-rotten because she had a case of the vapors that were nearly paint-peeling bad. I woke up at dawn to use the loo and when I opened the bedroom door, the stench hit me like a brick wall. She literally stunk up the whole house. I was afraid to light a match fearing the house would explode from the accumulated methane gas.

We also made a trek to Fabric Row in Philly for more red ticking for the coat cupboard doors. The Viking wants them finished before Thanksgiving and was ready to staple the stuff up there the minute we got home. I, of course, am pondering the most aesthetically pleasing way to arrange the fabric, which means it's been sitting draped over the door for more than a day now. I think it's driving The Viking crazy; he wants it done NOW. But that's how I do, you know?

We had two of Redheaded Snippet's friends with us and our errand turned into a delightful little jaunt when we combined all our girl power to strong-arm The Viking and Man-Cub (with the promise of cookies) into going to a cute, little, pink pastry shop a few blocks away. It was cold and we were a bit peckish, so popping into a charming little shop for a hot cup of tea and a cinnamon bun/key lime tart/chocolate chip scone/chocolate-dipped peanut butter cookie was just the ticket, even if the tea was Twinings and I could have made a better cup myself at home.

I've gotten all the grocery shopping done that could be done 6 days in advance and I've got my list ready for the rest of the things I need to get on Tuesday and Wednesday. I still don't have a turkey roaster and I'm still a few serving spoons short, but Mom said I can borrow anything I need from her, so maybe I'll go "shopping" at her house tomorrow!

Tonight I packed away the Halloween decorations. I know, it's November 23 and I still had Halloween decoration out? Yes, I did! I love Halloween and packing all my spooky stuff away is always a solemn occasion for me. I left the Harvesty stuff that isn't overtly Halloween out so Thanksgiving can be festive, but the spiders, bats, jack-o-lanterns and potion ingredients bottles are all wrapped in newspaper and waiting by the basement door to be stored away for another year. It won't be long before the rest of the Harvest stuff is removed and the Christmas decor is put in its place. But that won't be for at least another week or two. I don't like to put my Christmas stuff out too early, and I like to leave it up pretty late.

Well, I'd better get this sack of bones to bed. Today, I woke with a start, sat bolt upright in bed, saw the time and bounded out of bed in a panic after slapping my sleeping husband's bottom and hissing, "It's 7:53!" I got clear around the bed before The Viking informed me it was Sunday. No school. We don't have to leave the house at 8:00 on Sundays. I was never so relieved in all my life and never more glad to be able to snuggle back under the still-warm blankets for another hour. But tomorrow really is Monday, so I'd better get to snuggling.


Amy said...

Whoa. That's a lot of graphics.

Pippajo said...

Whoa. That was an accident!

Susan S. said...

Sounds like you are almost prepared for T-Day. Hope you get your project done to your hubby's satisfaction before all the company gets there....if not....OH WELL--it will still be an awesome day! Happy Holidays!