Sunday, November 09, 2008

Happy Day!

My, my, my, what news, what news!

First, it must be said that Dharma is 28 weeks pregnant today! After years of infertility, countless miscarriages, numerous failed IVF attempts and the tragic loss of her twin girls at 21 weeks of pregnancy, there was very little hope of her being able to get pregnant let alone stay that way until viability. AND HERE WE ARE!

Sure, she's got 12 weeks until her due date and 8 until she's considered full term, but when you're used to preemies, 28 weeks is the "magic number"!

So now, Baby Bee is getting a baby sister!

We're all just so excited!

In other, much less important news, The Viking installed two new windows in our living room today. Well, yesterday and today. He just up and tore the old ones out and put the new ones in. He's been wanting to do this for 10 years; the old windows were so drafty and this should help lower our heating costs this winter. I would have shared pictures if it weren't for the fact that new windows are so dead boring. It's a glorified hole in the wall. So, don't bother even imagining. Just rest assured that we'll be warmer this year.

I ordered our turkey on Friday. I am on top of things this year, oh, yes, I am! I very carefully calculated just what size fowl we'd need (after consulting both Martha Stewart and America's Test Kitchen, naturally) and ordered accordingly, so, of course, my mom called today to ask if she could bring two International Students with her to Thanksgiving. They're far from home, have no place to go and want to see how a typical American family celebrates Thanksgiving. I told her she should send them somewhere else, in that case! No, seriously, how could I say no? Isn't that part of the meaning of Thanksgiving or whatever?

So, now we might have juuuuuuust enough turkey and very little leftovers. And we don't know anything about who is coming, as Mom just signed up for two generic students. But it will be fine. Except if the students happen to be from anywhere besides Europe (as in not white), which will be hilarious because EGOD, ambassador of goodwill that she is, will be absolutely scandalized and horror-stricken and will probably be too shocked and too busy guarding her purse and counting the silverware to speak the entire day.

I'm beginning to think we should invite International Students every year!

Lobelia and I have made very little headway on our Thanksgiving plans since I last posted, but I did fill the entire back of a bulletin insert with Thanksgiving dinner notes during church this morning. Yes, I still doodle in church. I find I can't concentrate as well if I have to just stare straight ahead of me and sit still.

But right now, the kids are in bed (almost), the kitchen is clean and I can't get to my ironing or laundry folding because the living room is still a wee bit of a mess so I get some guilt-free computer time! And as soon as I'm done here, I'm looking around for Thanksgiving stuff. I've got old recipe files to retrieve, new recipes to find and I'm hoping I can count on Martha for some checklists so I can have me a happy, serene Thanksgiving.

Right. Time to fill the kettle, make some toast and find a warm blanket...I'm settling in.

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