Tuesday, August 02, 2011


For weeks--WEEKS--now, I've been taking photos with the intention of posting them on this blog: an intention that has stalled into a lofty dream because the rickety gadget I had been using to upload those photos had finally given up the ghost.

But, intrepidly, I kept taking photos, cherishing in my bosom the dearest hope that I would a) remember to find out the name of the gadget I require, b) remember to look for one next time I was out shopping and c) not lose it between grocery cart and computer desk.

Not surprisingly, if you know me, it took quite some time before the stars aligned and a) b) and c) came together in perfect harmony. Photos amassed, opportunities passed and disappointment mounted (I am at least two Pretty, Happy, Funny, Reals behind)! But finally, lo! I have a (I did manage to find out what its name was but promptly forgot it as soon as the clerk handed it to me)!

And now...NOW...

It seems my camera has R-U-N-N-O-F-T.

If this was Redheaded Snippet's doing I swear I'm going to make her take her brother to the mall!

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