Monday, August 15, 2011

Flavor of Summer 2011

Ever notice how each season of each year has its own particular flavor, scent and sounds?  And if you suddenly encounter something from a particular season from a particular year you're instantly transported right back to that specific time?

For example, last winter's flavor was my homemade cottage pie.  We ate it a lot that year as we sat in front of the fire through all the crazy blizzards.  One of the sounds of Summer 2009 was Lady Gaga's Just Dance.  Ok, don't judge me, we don't listen to her music in general.  But Daria had inexplicably fallen in love with that song and used to blare it on her iPod every time we were in the car together that summer.  Now when I hear it, I'm riding home from the shore on a steamy summer night with the windows down.

Is this a good-looking salad, or what?

One summer was all about Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga.  One of the kids had gotten it as a gift and we all played it all summer long.  So now the sights and sounds of that game remind me of that summer, one of the last carefree (read: pre-field hockey) ones we had.

Come on, tell me this isn't sexy!

The foods of each season are also something special.  Each summer has corn on the cob, watermelon, burgers and hot dogs, but, for us, there always seems to be a special dish that defines that particular summer.  Last year, it was Greek salad and gyro burgers.  This year, it's corn salad.  Corn, tomato, avocado, cilantro, lime salad, to be precise.  Every time we have corn, I purposefully buy extra so I can slice the leftover corn off the cobs and make this salad.  We can't get enough of it!

I've also been making a lot of biscuits, now that I've discovered how easy they are to make and how similar they are to scones.  They're perfect for padding out a meal!

Am I the only one who feels like a rock star when I provide my family with meals like this?  My kids think I'm the weirdest thing ever.  I suppose it doesn't help when I interrupt dinner to take photos of our plates and declare the salad to be, "sexy"...

She was waving two forks frantically, trying to sabotage the shot...I kind of like it.

So, do you notice each season's flavor, sights and sounds?  How does this summer look, taste and sound?

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