Friday, July 29, 2011

Follow-Up Blip

Last night I went with Mom to one of her new church's home Bible studies. It's been a long, long time since I've been in a group like that (long story) and I liked it very much. Biblically (do you know my spell check doesn't recognize that word? heathen program) sound, great discussion, kind, sincere people...I even met a homeschooling mom with sons Man-Cub's age with whom I can network!

Anyway, there was a young mother there with her husband and SUPER CUTE infant son and toward the end of the evening she was venting her frustrations about finishing her college degree. Her feelings of conflict and confusion sounded SO familiar and everyone else in the room was urging her to just bite the bullet and finish it!

And I wanted to point to the sweet babe in her arms and say, "But it seems God has given you something else to do."

But, having never met her before, and being the only brand-new person in the room I thought it might be too cheeky. Not to mention hypocritical as I was the one saying the same exact things just mere days ago.

Funny old world, though, isn't it?

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