Friday, August 26, 2011

Bad things may come in threes, but this week good things come in fours!


So the bad three: EARTHQUAKE (in caps forevermore because that is how everyone here on the East Coast has been saying it (("Where were you during the EARTHQUAKE!?))), Migraine and HURRICANE (Anticipatory Caps of Doom).

Yes, we felt the EARTHQUAKE. Shocked and scared me out of years of my life, I'm sure. I knew what it was (somehow), but was absolutely rooted to the spot for three seconds in denial ("Here? Not HERE!") before grabbing Man-Cub and running to an inner doorway. We're fine. A few things fell off a few shelves and we'll have a story to tell the ages.

Yesterday, I got another migraine. I know these (like EARTHQUAKES) are very common to some people, but I have only experienced one other. And I have tons to do so the timing was most vexing! And it made me miss another Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real. DOUBLY VEXING!

And now, Hurricane Irene is barreling our way. We've only had two other Hurricanes of any mention that I can remember (Floyd in '99 and Gloria in '85). Neither of them was a disaster, but they sure were a disruption! The big story, in our family, of Hurricane Gloria was that my dad, who is a mailman, was out on his route delivering the mail in the middle of it. We girls thought he was superhuman! Anyway, we're doing our best to prepare and I just hope all of South Jersey hasn't gone completely mental and isn't rioting at the supermarkets (but it probably is).

NOW FOR THE GOOD (caps of GLEE, this time):

Flying in the face of misfortune, discomfort and potential destruction, four good things, four very good things, four of the BEST THINGS EVER are coming our way. As. We. Speak (Type/Read).

Vance, Dharma, Fidget and Rosebud are coming to stay (my brother-in-law, sister and two nieces, if you're not in the know)! We haven't seen them since April when we went to visit them in Tennessee and we have been counting down the days practically since we pulled out of their driveway!

The house will be full and noisy and perfectly wonderful! Thankfully, they'll arrive before the storm hits so we will weather it out together with the combined talents of The Viking's industry and determination and Vance Excalibur's (you didn't think this was his real name, did you?) mad brilliance and ingenuity! We will be invincible! And potentially hot and sticky if the electricity goes out, but that's another chapter that will, hopefully, not be written!


I must fly. I have beds to change, floors to sweep and riots through which to manoeuvre for bread and canned goods (translation: wine and chocolate).

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