Monday, January 31, 2011

Soup Night Part Deux: Tomato Ravioli

Well, we didn't have the post-supper hijinks of Sunday night, but we had some demmed good soup!

I made the biscuits again because they're just so dang quick and easy! Redheaded Snippet mixed them up this time! I'm finding the recipe I'm using actually needs more cream and I still need to tweak with the flavor a bit (still a bit bland) but we are definitely going to be making these on a regular basis.

For the soup, I had found two recipes I really liked. They were very similar with only a few differences so I combined what I liked about each and left out what I didn't (ground beef, for instance: I think that would have made it a little too Chef-Boyardee).

Basically saute' onions and garlic in a heap o' butter, add spices (oregano, basil, thyme, and pepper or whatever you want) to toast and some tomato paste then dump in a couple of cans of low-sodium chicken broth and two hearty-sized cans of crushed tomatoes.

Man-Cub was unavailable for comment
I still had some of that leftover fresh rosemary so I tossed a large sprig of that in there, too. While it simmered, the children crept into the kitchen with that look on their face. You know the one: I don't know what you're up to in here but it smells mighty purty! When it was almost done, I slid the biscuits into the oven, boiled a package of ravioli and added a liberal sprinkling of Parmesan cheese into the pot.

Redheaded Snippet was determined to ignore the crazy lady pointing a cellphone at her
A bowl of croutons made a nice accompaniment and I was even on top of things enough to remember NOT to put them into the soup on the stove but to keep them on the side so they wouldn't go all soggy on us! The Viking thought for some crazy reason (despite hearing me say things like, "tomato ravioli soup, tomato soup, never made tomato soup before, making tomato soup this week," all weekend long) that I was making pasta sauce. I guess you can't really tell the difference simply by looking into the pot...

More, please!
But he made up for it by asking eagerly for seconds! And, yes, he was kind and gracious enough to hold that pose long enough for me to grab the camera (cellphone--grrrr)!

The final consensus was that it was very tasty but too chunky. The children do not like chunks. Especially where tomatoes are concerned. I should have remembered that from my experience with making pasta sauce. They asked me to run it through the blender next time. And I think I probably will. Once I get my immersion blender for my birthday (ANVIL-SIZED HINT).

So, next on the menu: Chicken Noodle! Until next time...

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