Friday, January 28, 2011

Week's End

So, did I mention the snow? No, I don't think I did...

We got a lot of snow again! It's glorious!

I swear, my kids are going to drive their children crazy with stories of how snowy winter used to be "in the good old days". My parents used to do that and it made me jealous and irritated! Almost made me want to get back at them by concocting some crazy theory saying it's because the earth is getting hotter and is going to scorch us all up by 2016 (we've got 5 years left, people, change those lightbulbs)! Haha, wait until they're old and will believe anything and then scare then senseless! That'll show 'em.

Anyway, we got almost a foot and the kids got their snow day (with a bonus delayed opening today). We all slept until noon. The Viking (who had taken a Vacation Day due in large part to being out most of the night answering calls with the fire department) supervised Man-Cub in cleaning out the aquarium in his room, a task that apparently requires half a day and a team of toad sitters. And a trip to the store to buy a new aquarium when you break the old one while cleaning it in the tub. And let me tell you, toad sitting is no easy task. That little female was hell-bent on getting out of her temporary lodgings and actually managed it once! She would have gone who-knows-where if Redheaded Snippet (her warden at the time) hadn't spotted her crawling slowly across the coffee table! Clearly, Facebook and toad sitting do not mix. But, never fear, the new aquarium is clean and whole and the toads are back safely in it feasting on crickets (*shudder*).

Redheaded Snippet is going on a retreat this weekend is wild with delight over it. We don't know what we are going to do without her for two-and-a-half days. Except I will get a break from feeling like her cruise director and Man-Cub will have to find someone else to startle in doorways and tackle on the living room floor. And I bet the phone won't ring once. I'm kidding, we'll miss her, we always do.

I am hell-bent on getting some things accomplished around here. We need door mats. I am tired of the old brown towel The Viking sets in front of the kitchen door every winter. Usually it's temporary but the way the past two winters have been, it's become almost a permanent fixture in here. And I don't like it at all. Oh won't it make The Viking's face light up with delight when I tell him I want to go to Home Depot tomorrow! Or maybe LL Bean? He won't like that at all but their mats aren't quite so industrial-looking...

I also need things like light bulbs, dry erase markers, fancy hair glue and paper towels. That sounds like a trip to Target!

But first I need to finalize our menu and grocery list. I am in SUCH a rut lately! Nothing sounds good to me and I have no desire to make anything! Except soup and bread. Maybe I should declare this a soup and bread week and teach the children about the wonders of homemade bread. It can be a science/home economics class for Man-Cub! that got the old, rusty gears going...

How many different kinds of soup can I inflict on my family before they say ENOUGH? Let's just see, shall we?

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