Monday, January 10, 2011

Well, here we are

...talking about colleges.

It was bad enough when she turned thirteen. Worse yet when she entered high school. And now she's half-way through her sophomore year and we're compiling and cross-referencing lists of schools and programs and maps.

How do people make this decision? I know nearly everyone does it, but how?

Field hockey is mostly likely going to broaden Redheaded Snippet's range of choices. We do not want to count our chickens but it does seem that at least a partial athletic scholarship is possible. She is also going to apply for as many academic scholarships as she can, something that I am more comfortable with as they depend merely on her grades and not whether she's scoring goals or gets injured or suddenly gets tired of playing field hockey at the age of twenty.

She wants to be part of a hockey program that's ranked somewhere in the top ten. She wants to study psychology (maybe criminal psychology). She doesn't want to go more than 6 hours from home and she does not want to go where it's any hotter in the summer than it is here. Being on the East coast, those last two stipulations limit her quite a bit.

And we have to narrow things down pretty soon. Things will kick into high gear this coming Summer. She needs to attend a college field hockey camp or two. The best way to get noticed by the coaching staff of the school you'd like to attend is to go to one of their hockey camps. We need to visit a bunch of campuses. And in order to do all that, we have to start zeroing in on which campuses, which camps, which coaches to send letters to.

So far we've got Penn State, University of Maryland and Princeton. And I don't even know at this point if any of those are even possible.

Wasn't it just yesterday I was putting her in the corner for writing all over the fridge again?


Daria said...

Yes, it was just yesterday that you put her in the corner for writing all over the fridge again. That's been a hard habit to break over the last 15 years.

Amongst The Oaks said...

Ah, the college planning year. We are presently in the crunch stage because Teen2 graduates from High School in 4 1/2 months. We have sent in the application and GPA verification form, and done the FAFSA. The portfolio and the letter of recommendation are ready too. BUT, the essay laguishes in a corner undone! And I cry and plead and gnash my teeth and try not to BLOW UP because I see this opportunity slipping away. If and when she finally goes to college I plan to take a looooooong vacation from parenting. Teens are so difficult...
Good Luck with your search and keep us posted.