Saturday, January 15, 2011

A day in the life

I have nothing earth-shattering or particularly amusing to share today. I just decided to submit a quick post because I thought, perhaps, some day I may be scrolling back through old posts and come across a short one about the simple events of an average Saturday in our home back when Redheaded Snippet was only fifteen and Man-Cub was only nine and be glad then that I wrote it.

Also, I am feeling very contented today and that is well worth documenting. We are all together, we are all healthy, we are warm and fed and have just enough chores to do to give us a purpose but not so many that we feel overwhelmed and like failures (well, it's usually me that feels that way but I'll lump the rest of the family in there, too).

We're de-Christmassing today. And even though that is a made-up word, the spelling is bugging me. And though I do not particularly like taking down the Christmas gear and packing it back up, it does satisfy a mild, vague itch. The passage of time, the rhythm of the year and of life, another Christmas come and gone, a new year begun, a new spring ahead (but don't get me wrong, I haven't quite had my fill of winter yet). And this year, next month, in fact, we look ahead with anticipation to the birth of Lobelia's second baby! Another cub in the pride!

I am wiling away a few moments on the computer whilst The Viking makes breakfast. The kids are enjoying their last few minutes of idle time before we dive into laundry and tidying. Redheaded Snippet is ensconced in her room, doing mysterious teen-aged girl things with her door closed and her radio set to "stun". Man-Cub is perched on a stool at the island behind me, taking huge, noisy slugs of coffee (don't worry, it's decaf) out of his Star Wars Stormtrooper mug and sighing, "Ah, that's good stuff," and sounding exactly like his father. We spent a blissful weekend with dear friends last week and a delightful evening with other dear friends last night and look forward to the fellowship and refreshment of church this evening. See what I mean? Nothing earth-shattering, but plenty good!

If I could, I'd probably be purring right about now...

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