Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Random Observations (mostly)

Just a few random observations on this fine, cold day:

1. If you build a fire in your living room using logs from a maple tree, the resulting aroma pervading throughout your entire house will drive you into a frenzy for Maplewood smoked bacon. It is, quite possibly, the best smell ever.

2. Lubriderm Advanced Therapy moisturizing lotion for Extra Dry Skin is a miracle remedy and worth every penny. Those Lubriderm people deserve awards. Many thanks to Daria and, indirectly, Dharma for putting me on to it.

3. My children will retrieve the sugar canister from the depths of the rickety, stickety lazy susan cupboard, spoon a teaspoon out of it for their tea, put the lid back on, and put it back in the cupboard but will not simply turn around to fill the empty sugar bowl on the island behind them first. They must get that from their father's side.

4. My bed gets exponentially more comfortable as the minutes left before the alarm clock shrieks dwindle. It is never more comfortable than when the alarm has gone off. And that is just not fair.

5. Peeling and de-veining raw shrimp is particularly nasty business that may, in fact, be worth the extra money it costs to have someone else do it for you. However, it serves perfectly as a means of bringing a cheeky 14-year-old back into focus and bringing her down a peg or two. Furthermore, all manner of kitchen chores and cooking duties seem to work rather nicely when you find your child has outgrown spankings and time in the corner.

6. All the mess, worry and labor (both physical and mental) involved in installing the wood stove was well, well worth it. There is nothing better on a cold January evening after the supper dishes are washed than sitting near it with The Viking whilst the children finish their homework or take their evening baths.

7. Laundry, beds and dirty bathrooms beckon, but that is not at all random, is it?

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