Thursday, January 28, 2010

Away for the weekend


So, one of the perks of having a husband being a newly minted church staff member (did I tell you that? He's the Youth Music Director as of last week) is getting to go with him on youth retreats. This weekend is the Senior High Winter Retreat and we all get to go! Now, The Viking will be making beautiful music with the band the whole time and Redheaded Snippet and Man-Cub have grand plans involving tubing but I am imagining spending most of the weekend reading in front of a roaring fire in my stocking feet.

Must get myself to the library to stock up. And maybe I'll see if there aren't some new issues of a few favorite magazines while I'm at it. I think Daria will be having a good weekend, too, as she will be house- and dog-sitting. She will be spending her time in front of our fire with a woolen Scottish blanket across her lap, a large German Shepherd at her feet and a few choice disks in the Wii.

I think it's going to be a really good weekend!! Hope yours is good, too!

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