Monday, January 18, 2010

Pork Tacos

All right, all right, I'm sorry I have no photos. Let's just get that out in the open, shall we?

But, seriously, I rocked the kitchen tonight, if I say so myself. I was a hero in the eyes of the menfolk (whose hearts are best reached, we may remember, through their stomachs)!

After last night's triumph of roast pork and veg, I didn't particularly feel the need to wow 'em again tonight but it kind of just happened.

I had all that leftover pork and lovely, lovely, so-good-you-might-consider-eating-it-with-a-spoon gravy in the fridge and no desire to actually cook anything. I was going to make my usual leftover pork meal, pork fried rice, but a passing whine from Man-Cub set other wheels in motion.

"Why can't we have tacos?"


I had tortillas, shred ched, sour cream, salsa and all the fixin's for guacamole (thanks to that 77-cent avocado deal), so I shrugged and just went with it. I diced up (small) the rest of the pork, reserving the discarded fat to make Nutmeg's night later, sauteed some minced garlic and jalapeno, then added the pork to heat it through. I poured in the rest of the gravy and the last of a jar of chipotle salsa (roughly 1 cup), then added cumin, salt and pepper to taste. While that was happening Redheaded Snippet started the prep for the guacamole.

Man-Cub was a bit leery about trying a taco made with anything other than his beloved ground beef, but somehow I got him to try it. He couldn't stop raving about how amazing it was and I think he had four tacos. Even The Viking said they were tacos to rival those made by our favorite local Mexican restaurant. High praise indeed from a man who loves his Mexican food!

Again, I regret that I have no photos, but I was to busy being Supermom to make sure the camera's batteries were good.

Must remember to add this one to the binder!


Amy said...

Vance and I discovered in Missouri, where they have real Mexican restaurants, that pork-based Mexican dishes are OUT OF THIS WORLD. Carnitas. Mmmmm. We were just saying a little while ago how much we missed it.

I tend not to make roasts because it's just the 2 of us and half the meat winds up going to waste because we get so sick of eating that same meat 4 days in a row. But maybe I should try a pork roast again sometime soon. It's been a while.

Leila said...

Great thought. Sounds so delish. I love when that happens!

To Amy and anyone who doesn't know: If you have enough leftover to make it worthwhile, the roast pork with its gravy freezes just fine. Slice it not too thin, pour the gravy over it, wrap it tightly with foil, and another day it will be a yummy roast pork dinner. I found this out when I made half of one of those long loins for quite a lot of people and they just really didn't eat it. Too busy talking, I guess, cause it was good! :)