Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm at it again

I think I'm addicted to braising. I found a nice, big hunk of beef on sale at the store and have been itching all week to get my braise on with it!

I admit, it doesn't look all that appetizing, but you should just smell it in here and it's only been bathing for about 30 minutes!

Not having much of a plan, other than ooooooh I'm gonna braise that beef but good, I looked into my food stores this afternoon and found I am out of red wine (drat that last glass before bed the other night)! Okay, no problem, we'll just make do with what we have, must have something else we can use...

A brief rummage turned up a can of chicken broth, a can of beef broth and, lo, one lone remaining bottle of Magner's. Technically, it's Daria's, leftover from her impromptu birthday game night last night (we played our new favorite game Telephone Pictionary--hilarious) but what she may or may not realize is Lobelia is getting her another 6-pack tomorrow night when we take her out to dinner so I threw caution to the wind and the cider in the pot.

I'm thinking I may go old school and just serve it as pot roast tonight complete with potatoes, carrots and a nice leafy green salad. And then for Saturday (cause tomorrow I'm going to The Melting Pot with Daria, Lobelia and Beelix--new name, trying it out--for dinner (see above)) I'm trying to decide between that decadent cottage pie or beef stroganoff. The cottage pie is our favorite, but we've just had it twice in a short period of time so I'm thinking maybe the stroganoff for variety's sake.

Anyway, I'm sure there will be more to report after Daria's birthday dinner! Off to fulfill my housewifely duties!

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Leila said...

Don't be mean, show the whole stove!