Monday, October 19, 2009


Here I am to bore you to death. It's my mission in life. Anyway...

I have a full, busy day which I have mixed feelings about. On the one hand, a full, busy day will get me moving and hopefully make me feel productive and human (instead of stressed out and cranky). On the other hand, there is nothing I like better than an empty day stretching ahead of me in which I can do whatever I like which usually turns out to be loafing around. I like loafing better, but I don't like how I feel when I'm done.

I have a Funeral Mass to sing in tomorrow morning. Early. And I have never participated in a Mass before. So I have shopping to do and things to wash, dry, pluck and manicure (must look professional even if I don't feel it) and brush up on my music. I'm nervous. I've only done one funeral before. And when I called the church's Music Director to determine exactly which Ave Maria I'd be singing, I found out that the poor woman thought she was singing and had no idea the family had instead asked me. I felt terrible (and a little thrown under the bus, I admit). She sounded really surprised and slightly offended. And she's the organist. Who is accompanying me. And now she doesn't like me so I'm sure she's going to switch keys or throw jazz riffs in there or have fun with the tempo in the middles of the piece. Sigh.

And, of course, we have an away game this afternoon. We sat through one of the most miserable games on Saturday. It was a great game, don't get me wrong, but it was freezing cold (okay, not literally as the temperature hovered just above the freezing mark) and raining. We had bundled ourselves up with long johns, wool socks, ski pants (for Man-Cub), scarves, gloves and hand warmers in our pockets, but we still got wet. And our team lost. And Redheaded Snippet didn't even play and friends and relatives came from as far away as New Hampshire just to see her. I need to stop using "and" so much and concentrate more on better sentence structure. Another time. I need a nap before my shopping blitz. I hate shopping.

Nap time!

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Amongst The Oaks said...

I hope your singing goes well today. I'm sure the nice lady on the organ won't mess with you, and you will do a beautiful job.
We had fun doing the old family photo, and they were all surprisingly co-operative!