Thursday, October 08, 2009

Fooling Myself

How is it that every night, I make a list for the next day complete with chores and errands and it always looks so great on paper and yet, and yet, every morning, it's like a different person has woken up in control of my body and is dead set on sabotaging every effort "Bedtime List-Making Pippa" intended to make before settling off to sleep?

I point my finger sternly in my own face every night before going to sleep and say, "Now, no computer time until chores are done. Check your email after you take a shower and make the beds, you hear me?" And I answer meekly, "Yes'm, I surely do," and then I fall asleep, fully believing myself. I fall for it every time.

And then, once everyone has cleared out of the house, I suddenly come to my senses and look up at the kitchen clock to find it's 11:12 am and no laundry, beds or tidying is done, my stomach is growling and I'm shivering because I'm still in my thin pajamas.

What an idiot. I am going to go load the washer. I MEAN it this time!

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