Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I don't have a catchy title, is that okay?

Only time for a brief (yet still boring) update as I have to pick up Redheaded Snippet from practice in just a few moments.

My funeral gig did not materialize. After some thought, I decided to contact the friend who asked me to sing and tip her off about the potential drama looming in her path. She almost had a breakdown. Planning a funeral is extremely taxing and makes you think you are quite literally losing your mind. I felt so bad for her. So, in the interest of making things easier for everyone I decided to bow out and gently suggested perhaps she should keep the Music Director happy and just have her sing. So that's what happened. I went to the funeral anyway and I have to say the MD did a very nice job. It all worked out just fine. I would have loved to have sung in that church, though. The acoustics were wonderful!

Redheaded Snippet's game was another mixed bag yesterday. We won (8-0) but the team played so poorly (for them) that 10 minutes into the game the coach pulled out all but three of the Varsity players and sent most of the JV team in. And where the Varsity team had been struggling and couldn't score a single goal, the JV team scored two. Believe me, the entire team payed for it later. It was a very subdued, borderline dehydrated and slightly hyperventilating little hockey player who got into my station wagon after Post-Game Laps yesterday afternoon. But don't worry, a quart of Gatorade, another of water and round of breathing exercises (one thing I know loads about is breathing) did her a world of good and she was back to her perky self in no time at all.

During the course of the game a father from one team go into a yelling match with a father from the other and a girl on the other team got her clock cleaned with a point-blank, full-swing blow to the forehead from one of our girls. The poor thing just lay on the turf holding her face and wailing; it was terrible! I don't know what I would do if that happened to my Snippet. She says she wouldn't want me to run onto the field, but I just don't know if I could contain myself. And I know it's a risk we take when playing a full-contact sport like field hockey, I just don't like to think about it much.

Well, I have to go. Time to play taxi yet again, and then it's on to more laundry, more dishes and, HOPEFULLY, I'll be able to focus on finishing up the decorations for the Halloween party. Which reminds me, today I learned that my mother thinks I'm dangerously obsessed with Halloween. I am now wondering why she accepted an invitation to the party...

Me? Obsessed? Wherever did she get that idea?

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