Saturday, January 17, 2009

This really sucks

Oh this computer situation is getting me really cranky!

STILL no resolution for my poor computer. The Viking has been making progress, but is now laid up himself with an upper respiratory infection. So, he's sacked out on the couch looking peaked. Sigh.

Stealing a few minutes here and there on the laptop is hardly any compensation at all. I can't take the time to edit or polish and I really hate just dashing off quick posts and leaving them for all the world to see. It makes me uncomfortably squirmy. I like to take my time, re-write, re-fashion and hit "publish" when I'm reasonably satisfied with it. But who has time for that with a rapidly draining battery?

I'm also missing reading all my favorite blogs! There just isn't enough time and I'm getting so far behind! Just know as soon as I can get back, I will take a good, long, luxurious slump in front of the computer and catch up on everything I've missed! Hopefully it won't be too much longer!

I've been getting myself caught up on my overdue doctor's visits in the past few days. I even went for a sleep study to rule out sleep apnea (doesn't look like I have it). Let me tell you, a report on my sleep study could take up an entire blog post just by itself! What a strange experience--and not an altogether pleasant one. There was lots of touching, I was clad only in my pajamas and there wasn't a single other woman in the building. It was icky. Nothing inappropriate happened, but it was still icky.

Well, there goes my battery warning so I'd better log off. DANG IT! Looks like that's it for me for the weekend. Maybe Monday night I'll get another shot at a fully charged lap top.

Until then, I am sorry this blog has become so dry and boring!


Lorri said...

You will have full power soon I hope. Stay warm and enjoy your weekend.

♥Mimi♥ said...

Gosh, they wanted to do a sleep study on me once. They told me to bring everything that I normally sleep with to the building. I told them that I sleep with a golden retriever! I don't think they thought it was funny at all, but, hey, they asked!

Shane said...

What exactly is happening to your computer?