Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Time Management Skillz Are Astounding

Hey, anybody wanna hear how I had envisioned my day yesterday and how it compared to what actually happened? Oh, how kind. Let's begin then! I was going to:

-Rise reasonably early and hop right into the shower to cleanse, rejuvenate and brace myself for the day ahead.
-Properly attend to my personal hygiene. You know, floss thoroughly, give myself a facial, actually put product into my hair and style it as if I had some place to go, put make-up on, dress so that I could dash off on an emergency L.L. Bean run and not be embarrassed no matter who I might run into, the usual.
-Bake up a quick, hearty, chock-full-of-love batch of homemade scones and put the kettle on.
-Skip outdoors to retrieve the Saturday paper, breathing deep, grateful gusts of fresh, crisp autumn air, feeling to my very finger-tips the joy of being alive.
-Enjoy a nice, hot treat of a breakfast while reading the paper, maybe even waking Red Headed Snippet with a plate of her own.
-Cheerfully tackle the frightening mess that has become my bedroom. I've been an invalid for almost a month and my bedroom has been low on my list of cleaning priorities and it's time my closet was cleaned out, my clothes sorted through and the furniture dusted.
-Change the linens on all the beds, whistling all the way.
-Clean out the refrigerator and freezer and tidy up the pantry to get them ready for all the Thanksgiving treats soon to come bursting forth.
-Take down the valances and sink skirt and throw them in the washer.
-Finish my lists for Thanksgiving (my Thanksgiving List of Duh, I'm a Moron just isn't cutting it).

Here's how things actually played out:

-Woke at 11:00 am from another disturbing bathroom dream because I had to wee. I always have dreams about running from bathroom to bathroom, trying to find a toilet that isn't broken, filthy, disconnected, spraying water, in the middle of the room or in a stall with a broken or completely missing door whenever I have to wee when I'm asleep. I woke disoriented, with mad hair and a full bladder.
-Staggered downstairs, in my pajamas with dragon breath, to find Red Headed Snippet already awake and at the computer (she's supposed to get permission first). The Viking was at a fire class and Man-Cub had spent the night at Grandma's.
-Pushed aside the clutter atop the kitchen island and stirred up a batch of scones. (Here's what was left of them by the time I started this post) Okay, so I did accomplish that one. They don't take long and they're better than good. But instead of tea, I lazily settled for a glass of milk.
-I then planted myself, still in pajamas and unwashed and unbrushed, into the recliner in front of the tv with the laptop on my...well...lap.
-I spent the entire afternoon and into the early hours of the evening surfing around on the Internet, checking out new blogs, updating my templates and enjoying the eye candy provided by Dermot Mulroney, Jack Davenport and the English countryside in The Wedding Date.
-Managed to heave myself out of the recliner and actually change into old grubby clothes in preparation for giving good, old, reliable Mrs. C a good, thorough, old-fashioned cleaning, but wasted so much time taking pictures of Mrs. C's dirty, "before" state (See? Ta-Da! Trust me, she's much dirtier than she appears from this distance) so I could share it and the sure-to-be glorious "after" pictures with the blog world that I lost steam and somehow wound up in the recliner again, this time dressed, but in The Viking's old grubby sweatpants and stained fire department t-shirt.
-Wandered to the computer desk in the kitchen and shuffled my cookbooks, insufficient lists and recipes around for a bit, pretending like that counted as getting ready for Thanksgiving.
-Returned to recliner and spent rest of evening nursing my sore ligament and watching crappy tv.

It was a woeful, shameful day. The only thing I accomplished was making the batch of scones. I did manage to achieve a little more today, but still have lots to do. I got the downstairs tidied, put all the laundry away, sorted through my "in" box, clipped and sorted the coupons, showered, flossed, made-up and otherwise thoroughly groomed myself, and got the Thanksgiving lists mostly done. And these, unlike their predecessors, are not pansy lists. They're multi-indented, fancy-fonted, well-organized and detailed lists of things I'm going to bake, cook, assemble, clean and purchase in the next 4 days. I'd share it with you, but it's not quite finished and I fear would make this entry entirely too long. Maybe tomorrow when it's done. We'll see. But for now, I can share Man-Cub's list of foods he would serve if he was in charge of the Thanksgiving feast:

1. Tortillas and Mexican sauce (tortilla chips and salsa)
2. Lettuce (with no dressing whatsoever)
3. Carrots (raw, with no dressing or dip, in their natural form NOT sliced into sticks!)
4. Turkey
5. Steak
6. Chicken noodle soup
7. Chicken nuggets
8. Vanilla caramel cake with vanilla frosting, sprinkles and M&Ms

I am NOT looking forward to future Thanksgivings at his house! Let's hope his wife has better taste and more sense!

So, for the duration of this evening I will be reclining in the living room with my "Mellow" iTunes list playing, my favorite new Gardenia candle aflame and filling the air with its heady scent,and a hot, bracing cup of tea in my hand, putting the finishing touches on my grocery list. And as soon as Man-Cub is asleep, The Viking is going to join me. He's off from work all week and is going to help me put a game plan together. If ever there was a night for a fireplace, it's tonight! I'd be planted in front of it, staring into it's golden depths dreamily with my handsome husband by my side...

Anyway, it's off to the salt mines for me! More on Thanksgiving preparations later!


Angela (Cottage Magpie) said...

Oh goodness, that just made me laugh and laugh! Except for when I remembered how woefully unprepared *I* am for Thanksgiving! YIPES! But thanks for a good laugh today.
~Angela :-)

Anonymous said...


I love what you're doing with the house!

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